Why Indian CEOs are Taking Over Silicon Valley Big Tech

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Why Indian CEOs are Taking Over Silicon Valley Big Tech

Post by piotr » Wed Feb 05, 2020 6:50 am

Indian CEOs in Silicon Valley include:
1. Arvind Krishna - IBM;
2. Sundar Pichai - Google/Alphabet;
3. Satya Nadella - Microsoft;
4. Shantanu Narayen - Adobe
Why have Jews promoted, or manipulated major US companies to promote Indians (from India the country) to CEO positions in many of the biggest companies in the US? (NOTE: I have nothing against Indians, or any other ethnic group).

Chances are 99.999999% that your answer is wrong. I know the answer, and it is not even close to what you are thinking.

One important fact: The Indians have not been made CEO of those companies because they are better than everyone else. No. They have been made CEOs because Jews believe the Indians will serve Jewish interests, without knowing. And without other Gentiles suspecting a thing. Fact.

I know for a fact that one of the BIGTECH companies above, with an Indian CEO, is dominated by Mossad techies in strategic positions, and the Indian CEO has no clue. Mossad has TOTAL control of that BIGTECH servers, meaning Mossad is in TOTAL control of that company.

The company basically serves Mossad/Israel interests, and the Indian CEO has no clue. Heck, the whole world has no clue.

NB: Why only Indians? Something most Gentiles do not know: Jews have studied us Gentiles and placed us in various categories depending on very many factors. According to Jews, Indians (Hindus) score very highly in not knowing anything about Jews.

This, however, does not mean that all Indians stand an equal chance of being promoted by Jews to managers/CEOs. For instance, all other factors being equal, a third-generation Indian-American has far less chance of being promoted than a first-generation Indian immigrant.

The reason behind this fact is that, a third-generation Indian-American may not accept to become CEO-in-Name-Only i.e. To be the face of the company, yet every major decision is made by shadowy people not known by the public.

A recent immigrant wouldn’t have any problem earning a CEO salary even though he is not allowed to make any major decision in the company.”
https://kenyaiforum.co.ke/viewtopic.php ... &start=36/

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