How THEY Use PSYOPS to Mislead Kenyans

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How THEY Use PSYOPS to Mislead Kenyans

Post by xtyrt5 » Fri Jan 08, 2021 9:41 am

Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata should not be blamed for the “leaked letter”. He is just a victim of a First-Class PSYOPS. Most other people, when subjected to the same PSYOPS, would have done what Senator Kang’ata did.

What is this PSYOPS? How does it work? Who is behind it? How do you know about it?

I will start with, How do you know about it? Answer: Because THEY subjected me to similar PSYOPS in 2019.

Recall the Punguza Mizigo euphoria in 2019? Yes, it was just that - Hot air euphoria. THEY employed PSYOPS to try and convince me that, apart from myself and a handful of other Kenyans, everyone else supported Punguza Mizigo Bill.

They did not succeed in convincing me about the supposed popularity of that Bill. However, they made me realize how they execute PSYOPS, and make someone to believe lies are facts.

I will use an analogy: You are a politician - MP, Senator etc. Or you are just someone THEY feel they need to make believe a certain lie is indeed true.

Suppose that, to know the opinion of the people “on the ground”, you have a trusted friend/relative/supporter who is a matatu driver. Let us call this matatu driver, Kama.

THEY will have their people board Kama’s matatu. Someone starts a debate about BBI. Something like, “Joe, what are people saying about BBI in your village?”

Joe replies: “Nobody even wants to hear that word BBI…”

Similar replies from other “random” passengers.

What do you think driver Kama will conclude? He believes these are just random passengers. If such tricks are repeated several times in his matatu, he will be convinced that only people in his village support BBI…In other villages everyone is against BBI…

When the politician - who knows Kama cannot lie to him, since he is a trusted friend/relative/supporter - asks Kama about what people “on the ground” are saying about BBI, what answer do you think he will get?

He will be told: The ground is very hostile to BBI.

This is how THEY plot their PSYOPS. And because THEY have infinite resources, they can plant as many people to spread their PSYOPS as THEY want.

I have explained about them and their tactics here and here.

I believe that is what happened to Senator Kangata. THEY fed PSYOPS to people he trusts. In turn, these people, very innocently, passed the PSYOPS team’s opinion to Kang’ata - as the opinion of people on the ground.

His close supporters believe the opinion fed to them by the PSYOPS team, is the true opinion of people “on the ground”. They, in turn, tell Kang’ata that is the opinion of people on the ground.

Kang’ata knows they cannot lie to him - and indeed they are not lying to him. It is only that, that opinion “on the ground”, actually represents the opinion of the PSYOPS team on the ground.

Unless someone knows that there are powerful non-African actors who are actively engaging in these PSYOPS in Kenya, there is no way you would suspect the information you are receiving is MANIPULATED information.

How Do You Counter These PSYOPS Tricks?

1. Have a certain degree of independence of thought.

Recall how supposedly popular the Punguza Mizigo Bill was in 2019? However, if you looked at the matter critically, it was basically a Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill, apparently prepared by 1 person - a person who couldn’t even manage to become an elected MP.

How logical is it, that one UNELECTED person can purport to make a constitution for 50 million Kenyans?

If you have a degree of independence of thought, then there is no way you would believe that the Bill was genuine - regardless of what anyone else said about it.

If you have such strong beliefs, then PSYOPS won’t be effective on you. Because, if it is the person you trust the most in the world telling you about how popular the Bill is, you will still not believe it is genuine popularity.

2. Be FIRM in your sense of Right and Wrong.

Example: If you believe theft is wrong, and someone you trust tells you that Mr X should be elected, because even though he is a convicted thief, he had to steal because his “corrupt” opponent has too much campaign money…

If you strongly believe theft is wrong, then you wouldn’t agree with the trusted friend/relative/aide, because there are others who are not convicted thieves, who can also be elected.

ie. Draw line in the sand regarding certain issues.

These 2 strategies increase your chances of not falling for PSYOPS tricks.

How to Counter PSYOPS Used to Mislead Mt Kenya Residents

It is a fact that 1st Class PSYOPS are being used to mislead, misinform, disinform and confuse Mt Kenya residents regarding what is really going on in the country.

What happened to Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata recently is just the tip of the iceberg. Plenty of these kind of operations have been going on, under the radar, for years.

NOTE: The people behind these PSYOPS want to conquer the whole country. However, for whatever reasons, they have calculated that, to conquer Kenya, they must conquer Mt Kenya first.

If in doubt, consider the following strange FACTS: The Deputy President of Kenya has had many fund-raising events around the country. Why is it that more than 90% of those fund-raising events have been in Mt Kenya?

Does it mean that people in Mt Kenya region, on average, are poorer than people in other Kenyan regions?

Even when it comes to funerals, you will notice that TangaTanga bigwigs will attend more of the funerals in Mt Kenya than in other regions. And in these funerals, they talk politics non-stop. Is that normal?

It is important to understand that the non-Africans behind the PSYOPS in Kenya consider TangaTanga as the vehicle they will use to conquer Kenya.

In other words, the foreign purveyors of these anti-Kenya PSYOPS hide behind HustlerNation.

That is why the PSYOPS are not recognised by most Kenyans.

Punguza Mizigo Bill: Recall how supposedly popular the Punguza Mizigo Bill was in 2019? According to “most people from Mt Kenya” on social media, the support for Punguza Mizigo Bill in the region was above 90%.

“Coincidentally”, ALL Mt Kenya HustlerNation MPs were also pro-Punguza Mizigo Bill, because that is what “people on the ground wanted…” Well, when the Bill was taken to Mt Kenya counties, it FAILED by 100%. eg:

- Kiambu County: ALL 87 MCAs UNANIMOUSLY rejected the Punguza Mizigo bill.

- Murang’a County: ALL 51 MCAs UNANIMOUSLY rejected the Punguza Mizigo bill.

- Kirinyaga County: No seconder of Punguza Mizigo bill.

How then did “most people from Mt Kenya” on Twitter/Facebook etc. support the Bill? Does it mean most of these “Mt Kenya people” were FAKE?

To cut a long story short, there are powerful non-African entities who are using social media to push their anti-Kenya agenda without raising suspicion.

Unfortunately, THEY also have non-Kenyans EMBEDDED into Kenyan society - The IMPOSTORS - who also do not raise any suspicion. It is is these IMPOSTORS who spread the anti-Kenya PSYOPS - on the ground - in Kenya, but their work is mostly concentrated in Mt Kenya region.

Therefore, next time you hear someone saying, “kwetu ukitamka neno BBI hata unaweza charazwa na wananchi…” know that, that person is most likely a non-Kenyan IMPOSTOR.

Countering The PSYOPS

Civic Education: This is needed urgently. The mistake Senator Kang’ata did, was to ask locals - who had not undergone civic education - to give him opinion of “people on the ground” regarding BBI. That was a huge mistake.

Unless people have gone through civic education, and understood what was going on - regarding PSYOPS - the information you will receive will most likely be MANIPULATED information.

There should be at least 100 people per Mt Kenya county who have undergone “high-level civic education”, and who will act as local civic educators in the electoral wards.

So, what will they learn about? How to identify misinformation and how to counter it.

Example: It is extremely unlikely for people in Mt Kenya region to attend a political meeting, and heckle the convenors of the meeting, or embarrass them by walking out, unless they have been PAID to do so.

I come from the region, so I know what I am talking about.

The only time that can happen without external influence, is if it is a meeting they “had to attend” eg school parents’ meeting, local cooperative meeting etc.

People undergoing Civic Education should be taught about such things, so they are in a position to explain to other people that, “what you saw in that rally were people paid to protest…Why would anyone pay people to do that? Does it mean he is fearing the Bill will pass if not sabotaged like that…”

For Civic Education to be effective, it must involve discussion of events that attendees can relate to. The Punguza Mizigo Bill fiasco should be used to explain how PSYOPS are used to mislead the public about how popular or unpopular a certain matter is.

They should be made to understand that, same case is being applied to BBI, only this time, the PSYOPS is the reverse - i.e. to make BBI appear like it doesn’t have support.

Countering The anti-BBI Propaganda

Media and social media should be used to counter the anti-BBI propaganda. Certain lies being used by purveyors of anti-Kenya PSYOPS, and anti-BBI politicians, shouldn’t be allowed to go unchallenged e.g.

- Cost: Anti-BBI politicians are moving around lying to Kenyans that BBI is a waste of money; money that should go to help poor Kenyans etc.

FACT: Money used through BBI process will be money that will pay for BBI materials (sourced locally - boost to local businesses), paying clerks and other officials (employment) etc. How is that a waste?

In fact, youth employed during BBI process/referendum, apart from earning money, they will boost their CVs by adding the work they did for IEBC. Is that not a positive thing for Kenyan youth?

- Creating Jobs for a Few: A BIG LIE. Some positions will be done away, while other are created. Wage bill will remain the same.

There are many other lies pushed by the non-African purveyors of anti-Kenya PSYOPS and their side-kicks - anti-BBI politicians - to discredit BBI.

All these lies need to be countered effectively so that Kenyans vote for the document by at least 90%.

NOTE: Get PDF version of this post HERE && HERE.

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How THEY Use PSYOPS to Mislead Kenyans

Post by xtyrt5 » Sun Mar 21, 2021 5:42 am

How they used IMPOSTOR Mwaura to play PSYOPS on Kang’ata

Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata has been behaving very strangely lately. For instance, a few weeks ago, he declared very happily that he was almost de-whipped by Jubilee party, but that plot did not succeed, because “TangaTanga Senators came to his aid”.

That was a very odd statement, since the reason for the plan to de-whip him was because he admitted publicly that he no longer supports his party’s position on various important matters, including BBI.

Kang’ata’s excitement about “surviving” that de-whipping attempt implied that he saw the position of Chief Whip as an end in itself i.e. he did not understand what being party’s Chief Whip entailed.

Very, very strange.

Anyway, Kang’ata was finally relieved of his Chief Whip position recently.

Kang’ata is a well educated person, with at least a Masters in Law degree (LLM). He is also relatively politically experienced, having been a Councillor/MCA, MP, and now Senator.

Why then has he behaved as if he doesn’t understand the role of a party’s Chief Whip? How is that possible?

Another very strange statement by Kang’ata: He has stated that, one of the major reasons he is opposed to BBI is because “it is meant to make Raila Odinga president”.

Let us now analyse that statement. There are 2 possibilities vis-a-vis BBI and former PM Raila Odinga:

1. BBI is not good for Kenya.

If BBI is not good for Kenya, then anti-BBI politicians should explain that to Kenyans, so they vote NO. If most Kenyans vote NO, how will Raila benefit, and be propelled into presidency?

2. BBI is good for Kenya.

Raila, being a strong proponent of BBI, will have his presidential chances boosted, if it passes.

However, who is preventing other ambitious politicians from campaigning for BBI? Nobody!

In fact, there are at least 4 other politicians, who are also aiming for presidency, and are also strong proponents of BBI.

Therefore, saying that BBI is about Raila is pure PROPAGANDA.

Why would someone who is apparently intelligent like Kang’ata fall for that propaganda?

Has Senator Kang’ata been bewitched?

Yes. By Nominated Senator, IMPOSTOR Isaac Mwaura.

Of course, I don’t mean bewitched in the literal sense. What I mean is the following:

During Kang’ata’s wedding 2 years ago, the Best Man was IMPOSTOR Isaac Mwaura.

Therefore, Kang’ata considers Mwaura to be his best friend.

How THEY managed to manoeuvre IMPOSTOR Isaac Mwaura to become Kang’ata’s best friend, only God knows.


Kang’ata’s situation is similar to that of DP William Ruto and IMPOSTOR Farouk Kibet.

THEY must have studied Ruto - how he came from a lower middle class family, and became a multi-millionaire by 25, without putting in even a single hour of legitimate work, by simply hobnobbing with powerful political power brokers - and decided he was someone worthy of embedding their agent into.

Kang’ata was elected Councillor (current MCA) at age 22. By age 30, he was a well-known lawyer. By 32, he was MP.

THEY knew Kang’ata was destined for big things. That is why THEY decided to embed Mwaura to become his best friend. A tough assignment, considering that Kang’ata and Mwaura don’t appear to have anything in common.

SALUT. Again.

When they embed their agent into an important person, they also embed other IMPOSTORS as “support staff”. Also, they tap ALL conversations of THEIR Kenyan “embedee”.

EXAMPLE: While alone, Kang’ata might mutter to himself: “Kweri no kûhoteke Mwaura akorwo nî mûûki taûguo maroiga?” (Is it possible that Mwaura is an IMPOSTOR?)

THEY will definitely hear Kang’ata say that, even if he said it in the bathroom. (THEY get the best intel about a person by recording them when they believe they have complete privacy eg when whispering to their spouses in bed).

A few days later, during a conversation with another low-profile IMPOSTOR embedded into him, Kang’ata will hear about people in the “Deep State who are slandering Kenyan patriots, calling them impostors…”

Kang’ata has no suspicion that even this associate is an IMPOSTOR. Therefore, as far as he is concerned, it is the “Deep State slandering Mwaura”.

IMPOSTOR Isaac Mwaura, and the other shadowy IMPOSTORS embedded into Kang’ata, are behind his BRAINWASHING.

What is the motive behind embedding an IMPOSTOR into Kang’ata? Same reason they embedded an IMPOSTOR into Ruto - When they have an IMPOSTOR embedded into you, you are basically THEIR PUPPET.

They will help you achieve your political objectives, because the more you rise, the more THEIR IMPOSTORS rise…

Eventually, you become the president. Then the IMPOSTORS sabotage you - since they know all your secrets, and they completely “surround” you e.g. THEY have planted an IMPOSTOR as your trusted secretary, another as your trusted friend, another as your trusted lawyer, another as your trusted political advisor etc.

Finally, the IMPOSTORS take over the government - like has happened in Somalia, and another African country that I will not name for now.


Regarding BBI and other matters, the IMPOSTORS have BRAINWASHED Kang’ata to the extent that he believes the FALLACIES he is talking about.

Why have THEY directed the IMPOSTORS to feed Kang’ata lies? Because if the TRUTH comes out, all THEIR plots in Kenya will be exposed.

NOTE: THEY have used IMPOSTORS and PSYOPS to spread the fallacy that less than 10% of Mt Kenya people support BBI. When the referendum is held, and 90% of Mt Kenya people vote YES, as is most likely to happen, even ordinary villagers in the region will know that there is a big SCAM going on in Kenya.

That is why THEY have funded “Civil Society”, “pro-democracy” activists, “human rights” activists etc. to go to court and attempt to stop the referendum. Already, the high court has temporarily stopped the referendum.

This is unheard of anywhere else in the world - “Civil Society”, “pro-democracy” activists and “human rights” activists blocking democracy!

I have asked this many times: If BBI is bad, and NO side will win, why then are they TERRIFIED of the referendum?

Back to Kang’ata.

THEY are desperate. THEY are the OWNERS of the Criminal Parallel Government - CPG - operating in Kenya. DP Ruto is the main political protector of CPG.

Without Mt Kenya support, DP Ruto is finished politically. One year ago, Ruto had support of between 60%-80% of Mt Kenya MPs. Currently, that support is between 25%-35% and is still falling.

If Ruto’s support in Mt Kenya falls below 20%, there will be enough numbers to IMPEACH him.

That would leave CPG completely exposed, without any senior politician to protect them from law enforcement agencies.

That is why THEY directed Kang’ata to be fed PSYOPS till he Flipped, and joined TangaTanga.

THEY figured that, Kang’ata flipping will stop more Mt Kenya MPs from leaving TangaTanga - and some who have left HustlerNation would return - since they will ask, “If Jubilee Chief Whip is for Ruto, surely, Ruto is a good man…”

5D chess.

NOTE: Get PDF version of this post HERE && HERE.


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How THEY Use PSYOPS to Mislead Kenyans

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How THEY Use PSYOPS to Mislead Kenyans

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Senator Irungu Kang’ata shocks mourners with bizarre boasting about his new tattoo.

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How THEY Use PSYOPS to Mislead Kenyans

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