Why Kenya Civil Society is so Angry

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Tenda Wema
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Why Kenya Civil Society is so Angry

Post by Tenda Wema » Sun Mar 10, 2019 6:23 am

Lately, a casual check on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites show that Kenyan activists are very angry and restless. What is going on?

To answer this question, one needs to understand several issues that, on the surface, do not appear to have anything to do with the question above, but without understanding these issues first, it would not be possible to understand what is going on in Kenya.

1. Many people recognise that there are shadowy people who rule the world. Some call them the Western Imperialists, New World order etc. Although it is true that there are underground people who rule the world, they are none other than the JEWS.

Jews rule the world because they have established parallel governments in the Western world, and these parallel governments, or Deep State, are usually more powerful than the regular governments.

How Jews do that is explained in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=8&p=4795

2. Jews believe, and this is “in their dna”, that their god intends there to be 1 government in the whole world, ruled by Jews from Jerusalem, and with all non-Jews being their slaves.

The bright Jews(the elite) aim to achieve this promise. The non-bright Jews are used by their elite as watu-wa-mkono in the project.

3. Jews use the governments, companies and organisations they control to destabilise other countries, thus bringing the Jew closer to the promised utopia. They also destabilise the Western countries, but this article will not digress into that.

4. When an NGO is funded from the West, usually it would be a government agency or a respected organisation providing the funding. But the reality is that it is the Jewish shadow governments in those countries that determine who is to be funded.

The Jewish shadow govt makes sure that only NGOs whose policies dovetail with the Jewish interests receives funding.

5. Jews have forcefully gained monopoly of social media. They also read targeted persons’ social media posts and other activities, whether public or private, encrypted or not. They then decide who to promote in social media, and who to shadow ban, based on the very private details they know about you.

Therefore, if there’s a ”private” image/message you shared on Facebook, WhatsApp etc. that you believe it could ruin your career, reputation, or relationship if seen by the wrong person, then you should know (((they))) have access to it, even if you already deleted it.

In Kenya and in many other countries, most of the people Jews promote on social media also happen to be involved in “civil society” or “activism” of some kind. There are also other people the Jewish elite promote in social media who are not involved in civil society(see below).

Social Media Influencers

One of the Jewish elites’ advantage is that they can build a person to become a Social Media Influencer without the beneficiary knowing they did it.

How is that possible? I will use an analogy to explain how they do it:

You are participating in a 100 metres race with 6 other runners. You ran as fast as you can, and emerge the winner.

You celebrate your win as you receive the gold medal and other prizes.

You know you were expected to come last because your competitors are known to be faster than you. You conclude that must have been your day to win.

Unbeknown to you, some powerful figures who wanted you to win had interfered with stadium facilities to make you have a powerful following wind, while all your competitors had an equally powerful headwind slowing them down.

But because no one apart from the shadowy figures behind your win know it, you, your competitors and spectators will believe you had a clean win.

That is how the Jewish elite create Social Media Influencers and no one suspects a thing. Of course, there are genuine Social Media Influencers, but the majority are created by Jews, to serve a particular purpose.

Generally, Jews create Social Media Influencers from people they believe have opinions or perversions that would help destabilise a country if they became role models.

If Jews want to make you a Social Media Influencer, then after you post/tweet on a certain site, they will have their bots like/retweet that post many times. Eventually, your post will be trending and its all auto from there.

When this is done a few times, you become famous. You believe you are one of the most important Kenyans. Your ego skyrockets.

The reality, however, is that out of the 1,000 likes you receive, only 200 are genuine Kenyans. The others are bots with Kenya-sounding names and wordplay. But you have no way of knowing that.

Why Kenyan Activists Are Angry

Kenyan activists are very powerful online. But like explained above, that “power and influence” is not genuine.

Kenyan activists/NGO people have participated in political elections in the past. In each case, they have received less than 5% of the votes cast(excluding those who swallow their pride, go mainstream, and win). They can’t believe voters would reject them. They believe there are forces that sabotage them at the ballot box.

Hence their anger at the system, whatever the system is.

Humble Advice to Kenyan Activists

Some of the activities you do are very good. Kenya needs you. But you need to be realistic and not confuse online popularity with real popularity. And if you want someone to blame for your lack of popularity on the ground, look in the mirror.

I will cite 2 examples to show how Kenyan NGOs sabotage themselves:

1. FIDA - This is one of the most respected NGOs in Kenya. They have fought very hard against the sexual exploitation of girls. They have done commendable work to ensure that women are respected and have equal rights with men.

The Deputy Chief Justice(DCJ), a lady, is facing corruption charges in court. FIDA applied to be enjoined in the suit, allegedly because the lady justice could have been charged because of her gender.

This despite the fact that the DCJ already has a powerful team of more than 10 lawyers representing her in court, most likely pro bono.

Kenyans noticed this FIDA action.

2. The Dandora Activist: Carol’s death was tragic. “Civil society” immediately accused police of killing her. The “civil society” was allowed to have their preferred pathologist perform the autopsy.

Their pathologist agreed with the police that her death was as a result of a botched abortion.

The “civil society” rejected the report and continues to claim the police killed her.

Kenyans notice these things. And you expect them to take you seriously? And when they don’t you become angry?

Tenda Wema
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Why Kenya Civil Society is so Angry

Post by Tenda Wema » Wed Mar 27, 2019 10:15 am

“Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Interior Patrick ole Ntutu and Immigration Principal Secretary Gordon Kihalangwa: Missionaries to undergo vetting before licensing. The government yesterday said it would start conducting security checks on all missionaries and religious institutions that have set up base in the country.”
http://www.mediamaxnetwork.co.ke/514422 ... licensing/

This is a positive step because child molesters and other criminals from abroad have been flooding Kenya disguised as missionaries.

Tenda Wema
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Why Kenya Civil Society is so Angry

Post by Tenda Wema » Wed Mar 27, 2019 11:14 am

Most people from developed countries who come to work in Africa in sectors like humanitarian relief, social work etc. are very good people.

However, it should be noted that you cannot work in the children/social work sectors in developed countries without police clearance(certificate of good conduct).

The same condition should be mandatory for any foreigner working in these sectors in Kenya, whether paid or volunteer i.e. police certificate of good conduct from their countries of origin.

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Activist Arrested in Nairobi

Post by Tenda Wema » Mon May 06, 2019 12:44 pm

The person who authorised the arrest of the activist should be charged with sabotaging the government and people of Kenya.

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Kenya Civil Society

Post by zito » Fri May 24, 2019 5:59 am

Let us use the hashtag #FindSilviaRomano on twitter to put pressure on Kenya police to find the missing Italian aid worker who was kidnapped in Chakama, Kilifi 6 months ago.

Find more about Italian lady, Silvia Romano, kidnapped in Kenya.

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Why Kenya Civil Society is so Angry

Post by kito » Wed Oct 07, 2020 7:04 am

Homeguards reigned terror in Kenyan villages during colonial days. David Ndii & associates label their current enemies homeguards, or children of homeguards, yet he is married to daughter of a COLONIAL Senior Chief, and his uncle was a notorious homeguard.

Ndii, Son-in-Law of COLONIAL Senior Chief Peter Gatabaki of Githunguri, labelling his enemies homeguards, is equivalent to the husband of the daughter of the Commissioner of Police condescendingly dismissing someone this way: “You must be a member of the stupid police force”…or, “you are as stupid as someone whose dad is a policeman”.

NOTE: Homeguard < Assistant Chief < Chief < COLONIAL Senior Chief.

To become a COLONIAL Senior Chief, you must have proved your loyalty to the colonial administration by whipping African adults who disobeyed colonial laws, or were slow to adapt to the colonial laws.

ME: I do not have any relative who worked for the colonial admin. I have never worked for the civil service. I have never had any scholarship. That is why it amazes me, why is it that people who are related to colonial chiefs (and other colonial big-shots) like labelling other people homeguards?

Yet, in the villages of Kenya, people do not talk about such issues? Psychological projection?

But how comes KOT do not know about these peoples’ history? Does it mean most KOT are not real Kenyans?

Do your own study about people who like talking about colonial stuff. You will notice that, they all belong in either of these categories:

1. They are Children/Grandchildren/Great-Grandchildren or in-laws of colonial officials e.g. homeguards, chiefs.

2. Have benefited from GoK or some colonial-related scholarships, e.g. Rhodes scholarships.

3. Growing up, their parents were part of 30% richest Kenyans. Signs of 30% richest Kenyans - has permanent house/owns car etc. That excludes me and many other Kenyans who do not have time for the historical revisionism.

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