Kenya Security Situation Currently

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Kenya Security Situation Currently

Post by Awam » Thu Apr 23, 2020 8:41 am

The pressure and exposure of Dictator Watch (Twitter account, @Citizen_Alert1) open DESTABILISATION tactics against Kenya seem to be bearing fruit. In the past week, they have significantly reduced their OBSESSIVE anti-Kenya posts.

Will this trend continue? Time will tell.

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Kenya Security Situation Currently

Post by Awam » Fri Apr 24, 2020 4:09 pm

From Kenya Red Cross Twitter account, @KenyaRedCross: “Kenya Red Cross, Grassroots Economics and Danish Red Cross are implementing a block-chain backed e-voucher community currency project in Mukuru Kayaba.

Community members are registered and given a credit 400 token/Sarafu equal to Ksh 400 to buy and sell basic commodities.”

PROBLEM: This is entrance of the so-called Sarafu credit through the backdoor. GoK should investigate this ‘deal’ thoroughly. Sarafu credit boss is William O. Ruddick. There is at least 99% chance that Ruddick is Mossad.

Could Mossad have infiltrated Kenya Red Cross?

GoK should order all these shadowy expatriate-led “TECH” organisations like the one above to choose either:
1. Register as a humanitarian organisation/NGO and offer Kenyans only recognized money or TANGIBLE goods, or
2. Register as a credit/finance agency, and register at CBK like any other Kenyan credit agency.

There MUST be no room for these shenanigans where someone is given a ‘voucher’ by these ‘donors’, a ‘voucher’ that cannot buy any goods in any supermarket. Most importantly, THE ‘TECH EXPATRIATES’ BEHIND THIS SCAM DO NOT USE THESE ‘VOUCHERS’ IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES!

What is the agenda? The agenda of these suspicious characters is not good anyway you look at it.

And now, very unfortunately, Kenya Red Cross has given these MAFIA credibility. Maybe Kenya Red Cross was armtwisted by Danish Red Cross. Maybe Danish Red Cross should first roll out the so-called token/Sarafu in Europe?

I hope GoK will take this matter as a National Security issue and act accordingly.
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Kenya Security Situation Currently

Post by Awam » Sat Apr 25, 2020 12:11 am

Several years ago, Sarafu ‘credit’/Grassroots Economics boss Mr William O. Ruddick was arrested in Mombasa because of his suspicious activities. Probably the only reason his activities were not stopped completely is because he is an American citizen.

However. Mr Ruddick’s allegiance is not to the US. It is to another country.

Even if his allegiance was to the US, why not invest his ‘high-tech’ business in the US, too? Could it because he knows the authorities there will immediately investigate what he is upto and nip his plans in the bud?

These are extremely dangerous times.

These expatriate ‘TECH ENTREPRENEURS’ have set up shop in Kenya because they believe Kenyans are too stupid to understand what their real plans are.

So, how can Kenyans be protected from these neocolonialists?

Very SIMPLE solution:

If an expatriate ‘TECH ENTREPRENEUR’/donor is using or planning to use these block-chain backed systems (or some other tech jargon), to be allowed to operate in Kenya, they must show EVIDENCE, that:

- They have implemented same ‘tech’ systems in their OWN country, and
- The project in their HOME COUNTRY has been in operation for at least 1 year, and
- The project in their home country is being used by AT LEAST 100X people, where X is the number of people they are targeting to use their program in Kenya.

Therefore, in the case of ‘Grassroots Economics’, for them to be allowed to partner with Kenya Red Cross, they must have shown evidence that:

1. They have been operating in either the US or Denmark, and have done so for at least 1 year.
2. If the target in Kenya is 1,000 people, they must prove they are serving at least 100,000 people in US/Denmark with same ‘technology’.

None of these underground ‘TECH’ donors will ever satisfy the above conditions because they wouldn’t dare do in their own countries what they do in Africa.

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Kenya Security Situation Currently

Post by Awam » Sun May 24, 2020 2:26 am

If you know about GLOBAL MAFIA-allied social media accounts, then you can learn a lot about their plans to conquer Kenya. They do not talk about their strategies, obviously. But if you know how the GLOBAL MAFIA operates, you can read between the lines, and understand what they are planning to do to conquer Kenya.

For instance, in 2018 - 2019, the GLOBAL MAFIA-sponsored social media account Dictator Watch (Twitter account, @Citizen_Alert1), was regularly mentioning certain issues about Kenyan demographics that left me in no doubt that they were planning to manipulate the planned 2019 population census.

Kenya security services (to their great credit) must have discovered the plot, and introduced HUDUMA NAMBA to thwart it.

That made the GLOBAL MAFIA to become very bitter about GoK. They sponsored local NGOs to fight HUDUMA NAMBA in court. NOTE: Kenyan civil society fighting HUDUMA NAMBA actually believe it is not good because of “privacy concerns”. Total naivety.

Kenyans registered for HUDUMA NAMBA en masse. The Kenyans who refused to register for it due to “privacy concerns” were less than 1,000.

The success of HUDUMA NAMBA meant the census went on smoothly. The GLOBAL MAFIA plot was thwarted. Their bitterness towards Kenya increased a thousand-fold.

Currently, the GLOBAL MAFIA-allied social media accounts portray Kenya as one of the most undemocratic countries in Africa, more undemocratic than Eritrea. They portray Kenya as one of the countries with the least press freedoms in Africa (the opposite of reality).

It is very important to note that the GLOBAL MAFIA uses people and organisations that you wouldn’t suspect, to drive their conquer-Kenya-by-all-means agenda.

The GLOBAL MAFIA is desperate to conquer Kenya. So, what needs to be done to make sure they don’t succeed?

1. There are threads on this forum that emphasise on the need to reduce the control the GLOBAL MAFIA has on Kenya’s information flow . This is very crucial.

2. As stated in the post above, the GLOBAL MAFIA have attempted to infiltrate Kenya Red Cross (or already did) using the so-called block-chain backed whatever. This is a very serious security risk.

Any non-Kenya citizen involved with Kenyan NGOs, or any other organisation that deals with charity matters, whether employed or volunteer, if any assistance/donation they make to these organisations is not (a) REAL money, or (b) PHYSICAL goods, they should be quietly investigated by Kenya security agencies.

If they are found to be engaged in shadowy activities, necessary action should be taken.

These are extremely dangerous times. Complacency is not an option.

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Kenya Security Situation Currently

Post by Awam » Sun May 24, 2020 10:56 am

Some of the strategies I have noticed the GLOBAL MAFIA using/planning to use to conquer Kenya include the following:

1. Inciting war between Kenya and neighbouring countries.

Unfortunately, Kenya has traitors and fifth columnists who are well-respected members of the society. These traitors need to be made ineffective by making sure they do not own media companies, or do any business with government entities. Also, their duplicity needs to be exposed.

Fifth columnists are effective when other citizens don’t know about their duplicity. Kenyan traitors should be exposed. This will destroy their power to recruit other citizens to join their anti-Kenya cause.

2. Inciting inter-tribal wars.

Luckily for Kenya, local security agencies seem to be mostly on top of things, thwarting many of these destabilisation tactics. This could be the reason the GLOBAL MAFIA has changed tactics and started laying foundation for subversive activities in Kenya through “Tech”, as shown in the posts above.

The infiltration of Kenyan society through “Tech” involves use of well-respected foreign agencies, as in one case reported above where the infiltration was through a well-respected European NGO.

It does not matter the “credibility” of an organisation. If there is suspect behaviour, as defined in posts above, then local dealings should be terminated. Before it is too late.

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Kenya Security Situation Currently

Post by Awam » Thu May 28, 2020 9:48 am

Reading this thread, one will realise that Kenya’s security services have been stretched to the limit because of the GLOBAL MAFIA’s destabilising activities in Kenya.

Lamu county was under virtual lockdown, even before COVID-19 crisis. The county has arguably the heaviest security presence in the country because of threats of destabilisation by entities outside Kenya.

The GLOBAL MAFIA have even established a Nairobi-based NGO specifically targeting Lamu county for destabilisation.

Reason for the threats/destabilisation of Lamu? Lamu port & LAPSSET.

Currently, the GLOBAL MAFIA has flooded Mombasa with NGOs. These NGOs are involved in inciting hate between indigenous people of Mombasa, and upcountry people.

Obviously, these NGOs do not incite hate directly. They do it indirectly.

Some of the NGOs in Mombasa that subtly incite hate are Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) (TWITTER: @MUHURIkenya) and Okoa Mombasa (TWITTER: @OkoaMombasa).

No wonder, during this COVID-19 crisis, Mombasa is the only county where it has been reported that needy residents have been denied food donation because of their tribe.

Reason for the GLOBAL MAFIA’s focus on Mombasa? The port.

Therefore, the GLOBAL MAFIA want to foment chaos in regions hosting Kenyan ports to completely ruin Kenya’s economy, and use the national anarchy that would follow to conquer the country.

The GLOBAL MAFIA has infiltrated respected Western donor agencies. Many of the personnel in these agencies, who fund anti-Kenya NGOs, do not know that these NGOs are anti-Kenya.

As my civic duty, I will now cite some of the signals to look for in order to know the (Mombasa-based) NGOS are anti-Kenya and are cunningly fuelling hate in order to destabilise Kenya.

1. Condemning SGR. This is not the NGOs’ (MUHURI/“Okoa Mombasa”) job. How does the SGR affect the NGOs? If it affects certain businesspeople, why do they need the NGOs to demonstrate on their behalf, if their grievances are genuine?

Don’t the people allegedly affected by SGR have their elected representatives to bargain/complain on their behalf?

However, only a Kenyan would understand how the foreign-funded NGOs are using the SGR issue to incite hate in the county (between indigenous people of Mombasa, and upcountry people).

2. Advocating renaming of places named after non-local (upcountry) Kenyans. This is not the NGOs’ (MUHURI/“Okoa Mombasa”) job. If the peoples’ elected representatives - MPs, MCAs and other Mombasa leaders - are not complaining about the names, why does it bother the NGOs? How is it a human rights issue? How is it an economic issue?

To a foreigner, it is just a name change. However, a Kenyan knows how the foreign-funded NGOs are using this issue to spread hate (between indigenous people of Mombasa, and upcountry people).

Foreign donors should cease funding (Mombasa-based) NGOs advocating the 2 issues above, because they are being used as smokescreens to spread hate.

If I recognise other subtle tactics the NGOs are using to try and destabilise Kenya, I will add them on this thread.

Thought: How many other “Silvia Romanos” are there in Mombasa and neighbouring counties, quietly inciting hate between locals and non-locals?

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Kenya Security Situation Currently

Post by Awam » Thu Jun 25, 2020 1:06 am

Information on the ground indicate that “Wanja” is a Fifth Columnist, and is recruiting naive villagers to do shadowy work for a hostile foreign entity.

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Kenya Security Situation Currently

Post by Awam » Thu Jun 25, 2020 3:14 am

The “Wanja” story began with the following letter to Kenya police:

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Kenya Security Situation Currently

Post by Awam » Thu Jun 25, 2020 7:11 am

This “Wanja” story is intriguing. Is it possible that “Wanja” is not even a Kenyan? Not even an African?

There are many Black people from countries outside Africa.

Are her fingerprints on file at Department of Registration of Persons in Nairobi, since every Kenyan with an ID has their fingerprints taken? If her prints are not on file…

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Kenya Security Situation Currently

Post by Awam » Tue Jun 30, 2020 3:01 am

Are there other “WANJAs” embedded within Kenya society?
Ann Mwangi Mvurya elected first female leader of University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA) ... nsa-155946
The frantic young woman captured on video footage during Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s chaotic arrest in Voi was University of Nairobi (UoN) student leader Anne Mwangi Mvurya, The Nairobian can reveal. ... d-pregnant
“Miss Mvurya, a law student, is a daughter to Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya, who she said in a previous interview is the inspiration behind her entry into politics…

“As always girls are close with their dads and we would watch political news and debates together and later share our opinions. Slowly by slowly my interest grew,” said Miss Mvurya, the last born in a family of two.”
If this is true, then why would Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya deny that Ann Mwangi Mvurya is his daughter? Have you ever heard of any person deny their SUCCESSFUL child? Some parents may deny a criminal/failure is their child, but a successful child? Never heard of.

According to some sources, UNSA President Ann Mvurya attended Bahati Girls High School in Nakuru. Maybe. Maybe Not. But that doesn’t change a thing.

If she is in possession of a valid Kenyan ID, then her fingerprints are on file at Department of Registration of Persons in Nairobi. However, if her fingerprints are not on file…

Who are Ann Mwangi Mvurya’s parents? Are they REALLY her parents?

Is it possible:

1. “They” sneaked “Ann Mwangi Mvurya” into Kenya.

2. Guided her to befriend the lecherous Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

3. Sonko promptly made Ms Mvurya his mistress.

4. Sonko used his influence and money to have her elected University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA) Chairperson.

If this is the case, then “they” definitely have very big plans for Ms Mvurya.

Hats off. Salut.
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Kenya Security Situation Currently

Post by Awam » Wed Jul 01, 2020 10:56 am

As has been stated here many times, The GLOBAL MAFIA is very, very desperate to conquer Kenya. Various tactics they are using in their endeavour to conquer the country have been mentioned in several posts on this forum.

I have written about The GLOBAL MAFIA’s social media accounts that aim to push their anti-Kenya agenda online. One of these accounts is Dictator Watch (Twitter @Citizen_Alert1). The account, in their desperation, have even been engaging in tribal-hate threads, aimed at rousing tribal animosity in Kenya.

“Dictator Watch” anti-Kenya tribal-hate threads have convinced me that the person(s) writing them not only have deep knowledge of Kenyan society, but also understands that the easiest way to divide Kenyans is to invoke tribal divisions and historical grudges.

Most Importantly, and this I am 100 % CERTAIN: The person(s) authoring the anti-Kenya, tribal-hate threads on The GLOBAL MAFIA’s social media accounts are NOT Kenyan-Africans.

Consequently, if I was asked to make a wild guess about the person(s) writing the anti-Kenya, tribal-hate articles on Dictator Watch (Twitter @Citizen_Alert1), I would name the following:

1. Adrian Blomfield (Very likely);

2. Sarah Elderkin (A bit likely).

NOTE: Kenyans may ignore “Dictator Watch” because it doesn’t have much following in Kenya. However, the entities behind “Dictator Watch” - The GLOBAL MAFIA - have their people on the ground in Kenya, laying the foundation for inciting riots, that they hope will lead to the imposition of their puppet as President of Kenya.

Reason For The GLOBAL MAFIA’s Bitterness with GoK: BBI.

Countering The GLOBAL MAFIA Activities in Kenya

Identify and neutralise their Kenyan surrogates.

Entities with following Twitter Accounts: @wor @grassEcon @MUHURIkenya @OkoaMombasa.

None of these entities should be allowed to have any association WHATSOEVER with any government or quasi-govt agency, including Kenya Red Cross.

If it is difficult to bar the above entities from dealing with GoK in perpetuity, then let them be barred until BBI is implemented.

NOTE: If any agency working with poor/vulnerable Kenyans wants to be involved in “mapping”, block-chain…they MUST have their apps on major stores where users can download. If it is e-vouchers, they must be downloaded from an app in a major store eg iPhone/GooglePlay etc.

(iOs store/GooglePlay have their problems, but in this case, they provide a kind of “cushion” because they can be sued if anything goes wrong)


The GLOBAL MAFIA are desperate. Very desperate.

Desperate people are very dangerous.

Remember: The last time Kenyans were this united was almost 20 years ago, in late 2002 - early 2003.

Soon, I will write a post about how I was shocked to realise that when Kenyans were so united in late 2002 - early 2003, The GLOBAL MAFIA became very BITTER with Kenyans. At the time, I didn’t know about The GLOBAL MAFIA, therefore I was confused, and couldn’t understand why they did not wish Kenyans well.


1. If you looked at Adrian Blomfield’s Twitter account, you would think I am either mistaken about him, or I am writing about a different Adrian.

However, I am referring to the same Adrian. Since he was featured on this forum more than a year ago, he only uses his official social media accounts to “mark present”.

He was one of the journalists who supported “Libyan Revolution”.

The fact that Adrian’s Twitter account nowadays is very tame doesn’t mean he doesn’t have other secret social media accounts where he posts about what really is on his mind, including posts to push The GLOBAL MAFIA agenda, like he did regarding Libya.

2. Last I read about Sarah Elderkin, it appeared she had gone to live in the UK. She has however lived in Kenya most of her adult life. For many years, she used to write articles that were subtly aimed at dividing Kenyans - what I now know as The GLOBAL MAFIA-backed journalism.

The fact that she doesn’t live in Kenya anymore doesn’t mean she doesn’t write about Kenya.

3. If you looked at @wor (William Ruddick) & @grassEcon (“Grassroots Economics”), you would also think I don’t know what I am talking about.

Do you know:

(a) If you told Ruddick & “Grassroots Economics” to close all their Kenyan operations and go do it in Uganda, they would refuse.

Are there no poor people in Uganda?

(b) If you told Ruddick & “Grassroots Economics” to close all their Kenyan operations and go do it in Rwanda, they would refuse.

Are there no poor people in Rwanda?

(c) If you told Ruddick & “Grassroots Economics” to close all their Kenyan operations and go do it in Tanzania, they would refuse.

Are there no poor people in Tanzania?

You would then know that their “charity” is merely to camouflage their real anti-Kenya, The GLOBAL MAFIA-backed, agenda.

One of these days, I will explain why Ruddick & “Grassroots Economics” are so obsessed with 2 things:

- “Alternative” currencies, specifically aimed at Nairobi & Mombasa slum-dwellers (Do not mistake these “currencies” with regular, global cryptocurrencies);

- Having direct “connection” between themselves (and therefore their foreign bosses), and Nairobi & Mombasa slum-dwellers’ mobile phones.

4. Not too long ago, a certain diplomat based in Nairobi, from a non-African country made a very suspicious trip to a certain county that is far from Nairobi…despite the lock down due to Covid-19. Enough said.

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Kenya Security Situation Currently

Post by tana » Fri Sep 04, 2020 7:20 am

Some years ago, in Los Angeles, California, US, Mr William O. Ruddick had an epiphany - that it was time for the world to embrace Community Inclusion Currencies (CICs).

That same epiphany directed him to travel 15,972 Kilometres from Los Angeles to Mombasa, Kenya, and start the CIC “innovation”, that would lead to a “decolonised economy” (as his Tweet below shows).

NOTE: Almost all ‘EXPATRIATES’ involved in Kenyan-based Start-Ups in recent years, are people whose background is different from that of the company “they started in Kenya”. Mr Ruddick - the advocate for CICs that would lead to a “decolonised economy” in Africa ONLY - is no exception.

His background is not in tech/ICT.

If you want to understand what is going on, ask Kenyans - real Kenyans - what happened to their Start-Ups.

Even violence has been used to keep Kenyan Start-Ups off the market. Some Kenyans have practically been banished from the internet just for daring to create innovative Start-Ups. I personally know of one Kenyan who was MURDERED because he dared to create an ICT project they viewed as a threat to their interests in Kenya.

I always wondered, what is really going on…

Now, we have the answer.

Most of the Kenyan-based Start-Ups - at least 90% - have been started to offer backup to the various rackets featured on this forum.

For them to serve the intended purpose EFFECTIVELY, they must not have any Kenyan competitor - MONOPOLY IS ENFORCED BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY.

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