WestlandsUnderworld, Citizen TV Exposé & Jane Mugo: Don’t Mix Up Unrelated Issues

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WestlandsUnderworld, Citizen TV Exposé & Jane Mugo: Don’t Mix Up Unrelated Issues

Post by jasho » Wed Oct 16, 2019 4:50 am

Police Inspector General Hilary Mutyambai will now launch a probe into graft allegations in the Immigration Department after a damning exposé aired on Citizen Television Sunday, a meeting convened by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi on Tuesday resolved.
https://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/2019/1 ... ng-expose/
As just a concerned Kenyan - someone who does not work for GoK - this are my views regarding the Citizen TV Expose called WestlandsUnderworld:-

1. Corruption is widespread in Kenya. Unfortunately, there is corruption in most government departments. Even police have been arrested in the past for committing serious crimes including robbery with violence.

2. Most big time criminals in Kenya work in cahoots with crooked government officials. This is not a secret.

3. Consider this scenario - a person is arrested and charged with committing bank robbery. He goes to the media and says he is being framed by senior police officers because of A, B, C.

However, the person says ZERO about HOW he is being framed i.e. have police planted some of the stolen money on his person, have they bribed someone to testify against him…

This is how I see the private investigator Jane Mugo case. There is the issue of alleged corruption involving senior police and immigration officials. But nothing is said about how these issues are related DIRECTLY to the charges she is facing in court.

From all the stories Jane has given in the press - and she has been to almost all TV stations in Kenya - all I gather is this: Some senior DCI officers allegedly want to tarnish her name because she was investigating their “corrupt activities”.

This would imply that she is innocent of the charges she is facing. Let the court decide. Meanwhile, Jane can also sue her accusers for libel/defamation - that is, if she believes what she is telling us.

One of her accusers is Deepa Shah. She says Jane Mugo has made one attempt on her life, and that she fears Jane so much that she has asked to be placed under witness protection. Maybe Jane can sue her for defamation?


Citizen TV must be congratulated for the WestlandsUnderworld exposé. If Jane Mugo was involved somehow in making this exposé, congratulations to her too.

But this exposé has NOTHING to do with the charges she is facing in court. ABSOLUTELY NO CORRELATION.

When Jane was last in court, she instructed her counsel to argue her case in camera! Even Kamlesh Pattni implicated former President Moi in crime in OPEN COURT! (It was later proved Pattni was lying, but the matter was in open court. He did not seek to be heard in camera).

Therefore, the reason Jane asked to be heard in camera was because the issues she was about to discuss did not paint her in good light.

Jane Mugo should expose the senior government officials she has worked with in Kenya’s Underworld in OPEN COURT, and/or on LIVE press conference (she can even use FBK live). She should then cooperate with investigations that would follow, and use this to plead for leniency during her sentencing if she is found guilty in her case.

The reason I insist on open court/live press conference is because, once she names a person publicly as being involved in crime/concealing crime, then the investigative agencies EACC, DCI…will be compelled to investigate the matter.

Further, the persons named, if they believe they are innocent, can also sue Ms Mugo.

More info here.

NOTE: Get PDF version of this story here: https://kenyaiforum.co.ke/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1/ or viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1/

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