BBI: Constitution Changes I Want

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BBI: Constitution Changes I Want

Post by tana » Tue Oct 22, 2019 5:49 am

It is not possible to have a constitution (amendment) where the views of every citizen are incorporated. This, however, does not mean a person should not propose what they would want to see in the constitution.

NOTE: A constitution amendment done now does not mean that is the end of amendments to the document.

This are the changes I would like to see in the constitution:

1. No nominated MCA, MP or Senators.
They are not necessary/waste of taxpayers’ money:
2. No deputy governors.
In case the governor is not available, [speaker should act as governor, else] the MCAs should elect one among them to take over governor’s duties temporarily.
3. Leader of Official Opposition.
Let the person who comes no. 2 in the presidential elections be called the leader of opposition, and be provided with a house, [car, security] and paid a salary equal to that paid to the speaker of parliament.
4. Agency to Control Politician’s Spending (ie MCAs, MPs, Senators, Governors).
If Speaker, or whoever authorises MPs/Senators travels [and other expenditures], put his foot down and ordered that there would be no travel abroad [or other wastage of taxpayers’ money] unless its absolutely necessary, he would be impeached.

That is why there needs to be an independent authority - with independent funding that does not go through parliament/senate - that will control Kenyan politicians’ craving for foreign “fun” travel at taxpayers’ expense [or other wastage of taxpayers’ money e.g by setting caps on allowances].
The members of this board (few in number eg 5) should be nominated by the president, and must get 50%+1 vote in parliament (after PUBLIC interviews). Their terms should be similar to those of Supreme Court Justices.

5. Health to Revert to National Government (Public Service Commission (PSC) or Health Service Commission (HSC)).
Various workers’ unions representing medical practitioners said the health sector needs a commission just like their counterparts in the teaching profession.

Kenya Union of Clinical Officers (KUCO), Kenya National Union of Laboratory Technologists, Kenya National Union of Pharmacists and Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union said this will help in addressing various issues the health workers face.”
6. Fundamental Changes Regarding Appointment to JSC & Supreme Court.

The fundamental question here is: Who should we trust to appoint members of Judicial Service Commission (JSC) and Supreme Court? “Civil Society”, “Special Interest Groups”, or politicians?

Most Kenyan politicians are corrupt, but if the trust I have for Kenyan politicians is X, then the trust I have for “Civil Society” or “Special Interest Groups” is 0.0001X.

Therefore, this is what I propose regarding appointment to JSC and Supreme Court:

All members of JSC, and Supreme Court justices, are nominated by the president, and must get 50%+1 vote in parliament (after PUBLIC interviews). The functions/powers of JSC & Supreme Court should remain the same.

This would eliminate judicial activism and ensure that Judges and Magistrates work towards making Kenya a more fair and just society.

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BBI: Constitution Changes I Want

Post by tana » Tue Oct 22, 2019 6:07 am

I believe very strongly that constitution change should wait till the anticorruption war is won:
It is therefore necessary to delay any plans to change the constitution, until the anticorruption war would have done irreparable damage to Kenya’s corrupt underbelly.

If the current pace of fighting corruption is sustained, then in 6 months time, the “parallel government”/parallel underground non-taxpaying economy will have suffered irreparable damage.

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BBI: Constitution Changes I Want

Post by jasho » Wed Oct 23, 2019 1:39 am

tana wrote:
Tue Oct 22, 2019 5:49 am
4. Agency to Control Politician’s Spending (ie MCAs, MPs, Senators, Governors).
The members of this board (few in number eg 5) should be nominated by the president, and must get 50%+1 vote in parliament (after PUBLIC interviews). Their terms should be similar to those of Supreme Court Justices.
Members of this board should be retired people who have served in very senior positions in the public sector. Ideally, aged 65+ years.

You don’t expect a young person to be very enthusiastic about reducing benefits to politicians, when he/she plans to become a politician in future.

Unrelated Matter: I congratulate President Uhuru for ignoring KOT and bloggers who complain that GoK is hiring old people as directors of parastatal boards. If you give me the option of hiring as parastatal board chairman 91 year old former VP Moody Awori, or the youth in senior GoK position who goes to court “to show solidarity” with a friend facing murder charges, I would hire Mr Awori.

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BBI: Constitution Changes I Want

Post by tana » Thu Oct 24, 2019 8:09 am

tana wrote:
Tue Oct 22, 2019 5:49 am
6. Fundamental Changes Regarding Appointment to JSC & Supreme Court.
The persons who made the proposals/drafted the judiciary part of Kenya 2010 constitution are people who never wished Kenya well.

If you read about how members of JSC are selected, it is obvious that there is CONFLICT OF INTEREST regarding most members, and their functions/duties. The changes I propose here will eliminate this problem.

The JSC members should be working full time. Just as Supreme Court Justices cannot have side jobs, so should the JSC members - to avoid conflict of interest.

Currently, we have practising lawyers, magistrates and judges fighting for JSC positions so that they can EAT. These changes will end this very tragic situation.

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BBI: Constitution Changes I Want

Post by tana » Thu Oct 24, 2019 9:48 am

The Building Bridges Initiative [BBI] has proposed the introduction of a parliamentary system of government with a powerful Prime Minister and two deputies…The BBI team is against the winner-takes-all presidential system, largely blamed for political tensions and post-election violence.

To address the question of exclusivity, the 14-member panel proposes that the president, deputy president, the prime minister and the two deputies should be shared out by at least five different tribes.

However, communities that miss out on the big five plum jobs at the apex of power would share ministerial positions either based on tribes or regions to give the cabinet a national face. ... n-cabinet/
I do not see how the proposal above can help Kenya become more stable. I provide the following to substantiate my argument:

When multi-party politics was re-introduced in Kenya in 1992, it was generally known that “ALL” Kikuyus and Luos were in opposition (to Daniel arap Moi’s KANU government).

However, despite the fact that almost all Kikuyus and Luos identified with opposition parties, President Moi’s government had Kikuyu and Luo cabinet ministers (e.g. Joseph Kamotho & Peter Oloo Aringo).

Going back in time, and using the argument above, suppose that President Moi had Mr Kamotho and Mr Aringo as Deputy Prime Ministers. Would it have made any difference to Kikuyus and Luos? No.

During President Mwai Kibaki’s tenure, he had Luo and Kalenjin ministers, yet those communities did not feel as though they were represented in government (this led to 2007/2008 chaos).

My point is this: the problem in Kenya is much deeper - dishing out big positions to a few people will not solve this problem.

Like most Kenyans, I also thought that Kenya’s instability was due to tribal friction. Now I know better. This I know for a fact (100%) - The tribal friction in Kenya is due to external (foreign) sabotage/incitement (enabled by corruption).


The following actions are what would make Kenya one of the most stable democracies in the world.

1. Sustained Anticorruption war, as is going on currently.

2. A (popular) Kenyan Search Engine.

3. A (popular) Kenyan Microblogging platform (followed by other type of Kenyan Social Media). By “Kenyan”, I mean 100% Kenyan-owned, with servers based in Kenya.

In my opinion, the above actions + the Constitutional changes identified in the 1st post above, is all that is needed to make Kenya very stable politically and socially. This will also automatically improve the economy greatly.

NB: The reason I have not mentioned the Media is because Kenyan media is heavily influenced (actually intimidated) by what happens online. Therefore, ensuring that online debates are mostly pro-Kenya (mostly devoid of fake news & incitement), will lead to media also becoming pro-Kenya.

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BBI: Constitution Changes I Want

Post by tana » Fri Oct 25, 2019 1:43 am

The recent failed Punguza Mizigo Constitution Amendment Bill proposed that Corruption trials “to be done in 30 days, life sentences for those convicted”. Yet, the most corrupt politicians in Kenya were supporting the Bill. Why?

I believe corrupt politicians were supporting the Punguza Mizigo Bill because of 2 reasons:

1. They considered it a joke, that would be unlikely to pass the final stage - the referendum stage.
2. They knew that, if the Bill passed the County stage, then political temperatures would be raised to such a level that Kenya would appear to be only a few steps to total chaos. No. 1 casualty - the ANTICORRUPTION war.

Therefore, the ultimate reason for corrupt politicians to support that Bill was because of their anger at the ongoing ANTICORRUPTION war.

Back to BBI.

The same corrupt politicians who supported the failed Punguza Mizigo Bill, are the same politicians who shout about 2022 presidential elections non-stop.

However, their non-stop shouting about 2022 presidential elections has very little to do with 2022 elections. Their bitterness is with current issues (And you can see this bitterness through how they speak in public functions).

Since they cannot come out openly and say they are opposed to the ongoing ANTICORRUPTION war because it is hurting their close associates, they shout about 2022, hoping this will destabilise the country, and thwart the ongoing ANTICORRUPTION war. Luckily, their plans have not succeeded. Yet.

These corrupt politicians are hoping the BBI report will give them an opportunity to thwart the ongoing ANTICORRUPTION war.

For the sake of Kenya, I hope these treasonous politicians are not given the opportunity to destabilise the country.

NOTE: If the ANTICORRUPTION war is not sabotaged, it will eventually take out the corrupt politicians. This is why they are so opposed to the bodies executing the ANTICORRUPTION revolution in Kenya - DCI, DPP, EACC & KRA.

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I Support BBI Report, Though Its Not Perfect

Post by tana » Thu Nov 28, 2019 7:48 am

BBI report is very good, considering current Kenya circumstances. It has very good pro-Mwananchi recommendations, though, due to realpolitiks, it had to include recommendations to “take care of politicians’ interests”.

I would have preferred that the “politicians’ interests” were not included, but I am realistic and I understand we do not live in a ideal world.

However, there is one BBI political recommendation that I think is necessary in order to entrench democracy in Kenya - Leader of Official Opposition (See my 1st post above).

I have written an article where I have explained my opinion regarding why Kenya’s political class is the way it is. The article is here.

Pro-Mwananchi BBI Recommendations

1. Eliminate sitting allowances of public officers in both the national and the county governments

2. Ban all public officers from doing business with government

3. Total enforcement of powers of SRC to rationalize all public sector salaries and to address the large discrepancies in remuneration

4. Establishment of an independent Health Service Commission (See my 1st post above).

5. Annual wealth declaration forms by both public and state officers be made public

6. Reward whistleblowers with 5% of graft proceeds.
Big time corruption in Kenya will not be eliminated unless there is a major shift in how it is investigated.

Solution: Make it advantageous for someone to be a snitch. For instance, enact a law that states that if you provide evidence of corruption of amount X, then if the government prosecutes and recovers that money, you are entitled to be paid 10% of X.

Or, to make it even more enticing for people to inform on their corrupt colleagues, friends and family members, let the law state that, once a corruption case is taken to court based on the information you give, you automatically receive 5% of the money involved (stolen or obtained through corruption). ... 849#p9293/
7. Private betting industry be replaced with one major one run by government, whose proceeds, are used for activities that uplift the youth, sports, culture and other social activities beneficial to citizens. (Dangers of betting in Kenya discussed here:

8. Nairobi county to be given special status that will place its management under the national government. (Currently, Nairobi County is run like a kiosk)

(NB: might add more, after I finish reading the report)

Unnecessary BBI Recommendations But I Understand They May Be Needed Due To Realpolitiks

1. Prime Minister post (We can promote all Kenyan MPs and call them Chief MPs, but some will still start lobbying for a more senior position like Senior Chief MP).

2. Commissioners of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) be nominated by political parties.

3. Cabinet shall be drawn from both parliamentarians and technocrats with the latter being made ex-officio Members of Parliament upon successful Parliamentary approval.

(NB: might add more, after I finish reading the report)

I support even these political recommendations because politicians must be taken care of, and, believe it or not, there are many Kenyans who are filled with pride and joy seeing their tribesman (not even remotely related) having a big job (flying the flag).

In an ideal Kenya, 47 MPs would be enough. Cabinet would have a maximum of 10. But the real Kenya is different.

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Senator Olekina is Sabotaging BBI

Post by tana » Mon Feb 24, 2020 3:28 am

Ledama Olekina was educated at Narok High School and thereafter proceeded to the United States where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and English Communication from The University of Massachusetts in Boston in 2002.

In 2018, Ledama Olekina was cautioned by Kenya's National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) against making issuing utterances bordering on incitement against the Kipsigis Community…
Senator Ledama Olekina Must Be Stopped Before He Starts Tribal War in Narok

Mr Ole Kina claims he is fighting for Maasai rights, but he is motivated by pure hate and envy of other Kenyans living in Narok. Ole Kina wants non-Maasai barred from contesting for any political seat in Narok.

Yet, he is educated enough to know there can be no democracy if people are prevented from contesting for political positions based solely on their tribe/race. In any case, how can such a rule be effected without involving violence?

If someone is half Maasai, and calls himself a Maasai, will he be prevented from contesting? What about an eighth Maasai who chooses to call herself a Maasai?

Senator Ledama’s demands are not only PRIMITIVE & retrogressive, they are a threat to peace and tranquility, not only in Narok, but in the whole country. If he is not stopped, what will prevent other tribal chiefs from making similar demands, thus making the whole of Kenya burn?
Maasai is the 10th largest tribe among 40+ tribes in Kenya [population of more than 1 million]” ... f-country/
If the Maasai, who have several Senators, County Governors and many MPs are marginalised, then what are we going to say about El Molo, Nubi and other small tribes that DO NOT HAVE EVEN A SINGLE MP?

Not too long ago, Senator Ledama exploded after Ms Betty Maina was elevated to a CS. Polite Kenyans informed him that Ms Maina does not come from the tribe he was claiming. If Senator Ledama is not stopped, what would happen to a Maasai called Maina, or another name that is used across several tribes?

Senator Ledama is hateful. He is primitive. He should be the first Kenyan barred from contesting in any future elections because he is a threat to Kenya's National Cohesion and Integration.

Going forward, BBI leaders must shun him. He must not be allowed to address any other BBI meeting. Meanwhile NCIC & DCI must investigate him, and prosecute him for HATE SPEECH and incitement to violence.

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BBI: Constitution Changes I Want

Post by tana » Mon Mar 02, 2020 11:58 am

The Modus Operandi of DP William Ruto and his allies vis-à-vis BBI has now become clear. Their tactics to disrupt BBI are:

1. Pay a sizeable number of people to attend the BBI rally eg if projected BBI crowd is 30,000, DP & allies hire 1,000 - 3,000 people, who will be positioned strategically in the meeting.

2. DP Ruto allies - TangaTanga - deliberately arrive late, when BBI meeting is in session. Their hired crowd creates commotion, forcing acknowledgement of TangaTanga & disruption of normal program.

3. The hired crowd demand their ‘heroes’ address them. Gullible Pro-GoK BBI hosts give in. The whole BBI program is thrown into disarray, TangaTanga leave in a huff, followed by their hired goons.

4. Youtube Videos, Social media propaganda + help from foreign bots…The rest follows like clockwork. Objective? To hoodwink Kenyans that BBI is not popular.


1. I am amazed that several days after Meru BBI rally there’s yet no video of any paid TangaTanga goon confessing. Unbelievable! Where are the president’s strategists? Just look at the video of people disrupting/leaving Meru rally - there are LEADERS & FOLLOWERS.

Go after the LEADERS of the goons. Do background check. Get their confessions on camera.

2. NOTE: If 50 people start leaving a meeting, even those who had no plan of leaving will be pushed out in the commotion. Others might just leave, fearing chaos/stampede.

This is the strategy corrupt Ruto & allies are using. This MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN IN FUTURE BBI meetings.


(a) Use intel to make sure most of paid TangaTanga goons are blocked from attending. Pro-Kenya strategists have shown weakness, while anti-Kenya corrupt TangaTanga showed strength in Meru.

How was that allowed to happen? Anyway, going forward, next BBI in Nakuru, anti-Kenya corrupt TangaTanga must know GoK is in TOTAL CONTROL. Hata kama ni kutumia jeshi la Jubilee, so be it.

(b) No TangaTanga should be allowed to address future BBI meetings. They have abused patriotic Kenyans’ kindness and patience. Therefore, if TangaTanga choose to attend BBI, make sure they are given seats nyuma ya hema where they cannot be seen by crowds.

PRIVATE BBI Security MUST FORCEFULLY ENSURE the corrupt TangaTanga remain seated till end of meeting.

NOTE: When I say No TangaTanga should be allowed to address future BBI meetings, I mean ALL, including area MCA, MP, Senator etc. as long as they are members of corrupt TangaTanga Brigade.

3. In future BBI meetings, organisers need to have adequate PRIVATE BBI security surrounding the stadium to make sure they block anti-Kenya corrupt TangaTanga Late Arrival Stunts. They must be REPELLED from entering the stadium to disrupt ONGOING peaceful BBI rally.

For this to be done successfully, make sure no idlers outside the stadium. COMPLETELY DISORGANISE ANY REMNANTS OF HIRED TangaTanga goons outside the stadium.

Security in and around stadium is key to make sure corrupt TangaTanga tactics are defeated.

Once the Chief Guest arrives and main rally starts, no one should be allowed to walk in majestically to disrupt it.

BTW it is not just politics. Kenyans love drama. Even the person who came last in previous presidential elections can disrupt a major rally if given the opportunity. That is why no one should be allowed to stage juvenile antics during BBI meetings, in front of national TV audience.

The corrupt TangaTanga Brigade are desperate. And have nothing to lose.

The corrupt TangaTanga Brigade are attending BBI rallies, knowing very well that they are not invited, and are not welcome. They are denied seats in stadium, they sit on the ground…

BBI organisers need to up their game. If TangaTanga attend any future BBI meeting, they must follow the organisers’ directives, whether they like it or not. PRIVATE BBI Security MUST FORCEFULLY ENSURE no more BBI disruptions.

ESTIMATION: If the estimated security personnel in Nakuru meeting is X, then make sure it is X+1000. The extra 1,000 young men & women should wear distinct colors, and be placed strategically inside & outside stadium.

Their job: Only ONE - Make sure no TangaTanga disrupts the rally. If he tries, beba yeye juu, juu, kutoka Afraha mpaka stage ya Shabab. Let Nakuru BBI be the day TangaTanga are put in their place.

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BBI: Constitution Changes I Want

Post by tana » Thu Mar 19, 2020 8:59 am

Like I have stated above, BBI have to take into consideration the Realpolitiks when recommending Constitution Changes.
(7th post above) In an ideal Kenya, 47 MPs would be enough. Cabinet would have a maximum of 10. But the real Kenya is different.
These are my views regarding the main topics of discussion about governance structure under BBI changes:

1. Regional Governments: I am 100% opposed to the so-called Regional Govts. Apart from Governors serving their 2nd and last terms, I don’t see why anyone else would support an added level of bureaucracy (and possible corruption).

To take care of the Realpolitiks, I will make a recommendation below about how to ‘take care’ of the governors, without burdening the taxpayer with the so-called Regional Govts.

2. I accept that many Kenyans feel our democracy will be ‘inclusive’ if they see their tribesman (or person from their region) occupying a ‘Big Position’. Not good, but it is the reality in Kenya. I therefore accept that the executive should be expanded, within reason.

Before I state my recommendation, let me state the following: Whether Kenya will have a referendum soon will depend on how Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic behaves in the next few weeks. There are 2 possible scenarios:

(a) Coronavirus in Kenya DOES NOT go out of control, and country goes back to normal in April. The referendum could then be held by July 2020.
(b) Coronavirus in Kenya goes out of control. Hope this does not happen anywhere in the world. However, if that happens, then priority will be about how to survive through the pandemic. Government of Kenya would need to declare a National Emergency, and president will rule by decree.

Assuming (a) above happens, then these are my recommendations regarding governance structure:

1. County Governors can be elected for a maximum of 3 terms (from the current 2). Therefore, a person can serve a maximum of 15 years as governor (from current 10). Of course, if the residents of the county don’t want a governor to serve 2 or 3 terms, they won’t re-elect him/her.

2. Prime Minister (PM), elected by parliament, with at least 50% + 1 of the MPs voting for him/her. Therefore, the PM will be a member of the majority party or majority coalition in parliament.

PM cannot be sacked by the president; can only be sacked by MPs. If constitution referendum passes, then current parliament would be expected to vote for PM within 21 days. Therefore, if referendum is in July 2020, then Kenya would have a new PM by August 2020.

3. 2 Deputy Prime Ministers (DPM), elected by parliament, with at least 50% + 1 of the MPs voting for him/her. DPM cannot be sacked by the president; can only be sacked by MPs. Timeline for election of new DPMs as above for PM.

4. Deputy President is the running mate of the president during elections. Can be sacked by the president. The president must however inform parliament, in writing, reasons for sacking his deputy.
If constitution referendum passes, this amendment becomes effective immediately, meaning that the current Deputy President can be sacked by the President, and the president only needs to inform parliament of the reasons.

5. President will remain CEO of Kenya, elected directly by voters, after every 5 years. The president can be elected for a maximum of 3 terms (from the current 2). Impeachment process of president remains as it is currently.

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