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Ann Mwangi Mvurya - President UoN Students’ Union (UNSA)

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2020 6:42 am
by xtyrt5
Ann Mwangi Mvurya elected first female leader of University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA)…

The frantic young woman captured on video footage during Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s chaotic arrest in Voi was University of Nairobi (UoN) student leader Anne Mwangi Mvurya…

Miss Ann Mvurya, a law student, is a daughter to Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya, who she said in a previous interview is the inspiration behind her entry into politics…

“As always girls are close with their dads and we would watch political news and debates together and later share our opinions. Slowly by slowly my interest grew,” said Miss Mvurya, the last born in a family of two.”
https://africa24newsreviews.wordpress.c ... ya-family/
If the above is true, then why would Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya deny that Ann Mwangi Mvurya is his daughter? Have you ever heard of any person deny their SUCCESSFUL child? Some parents may deny a criminal/failure is their child, but a successful child? Never heard of.

According to some sources, UNSA President Ann Mvurya attended Bahati Girls High School in Nakuru. Maybe. Maybe Not. But that doesn’t change a thing.

If she is in possession of a valid Kenyan ID, then her fingerprints are on file at DCI. However, if her fingerprints are not on file…

Who are Ann Mwangi Mvurya’s parents? Are they REALLY her parents?

Is it possible:

1. “They” sneaked “Ann Mwangi Mvurya” into Kenya.

2. Guided her to befriend the lecherous Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

3. Sonko promptly made Ms Mvurya his mistress.

4. Sonko used his influence and money to have her elected University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA) Chairperson.

If this is the case, then “they” definitely have very big plans for Ms Mvurya.

Hats off. Salut.

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Ann Mwangi Mvurya - President UoN Students’ Union (UNSA)

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2020 3:49 am
by xtyrt5
I have noticed that a website that was featuring this story about “Ann Mwangi Mvurya” has been de-indexed by search engines.

The last time I saw something like that happen was with the case of Silvia Romano. Interesting.

Is Ann Mwangi Mvurya (or is it Ann Mvurya Mwangi) a Mossad agent?

If so, what does that mean?

Ann Mwangi Mvurya - President UoN Students’ Union (UNSA)

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 7:13 am
by xtyrt5
On July 16, Ann Mvurya Mwangi declared on Twitter that she would be having an “interactive session” at Mt Kenya TV on that day. Well, she hasn’t said anything about that “session” again.

She even tagged her supposed host at the station. She also tagged the Twitter handle of Mt Kenya TV.

SURPRISE! Ms Mvurya’s supposed host at Mt Kenya TV last tweeted on 22 July 2018! And Mt. Kenya TV (@mtkenyatv on Twitter), last tweeted on 8 June 2020!

What is Ann Mwangi Mvurya (or is it Ann Mvurya Mwangi) hiding?


1. On Twitter, Mt. Kenya TV @mtkenyatv gives its home link as

It just happens that website is DEAD, and the domain is on SALE.

Therefore, the only way to check what Mt.Kenya TV is showing, is to go their Twitter account - last updated on 8 June 2020. Or check their YouTube channel.

As of today, 19 July 2020, there is NOTHING on their YouTube channel about Ann Mwangi Mvurya.

2. Mt Kenya TV is owned by Kirinyaga Women Representative Wangui Ngirici and her husband, Andrew Ngirici, one of the most corrupt families in Kenya.

Mr Ngirici admits openly that he dropped out of school in Standard 4. How he came to be worth several KES Billion, he cannot explain.

Anyway, GoK is fighting corruption like never done before. Among the anti-corruption war casualties have been the Ngirichi family. One of their close relatives is fighting charges in court regarding the importation of poisonous sugar.

Apparently, the Ngirichi family has been so hit hard by the anti-corruption war that they have not been able to pay their employees working at Mt Kenya TV. Consequently, almost all employees have resigned from the station.

It has also been reported that they want to sell the media company.

3. Given the above, is it not odd that Ann Mwangi Mvurya would declare that she would do an interview on Mt Kenya TV?

With the right amount of money, Ngiricis would gladly play along, and claim to have interviewed Ms Mvurya, even though no such interview would have taken place.

However, surprisingly, neither Ms Mvurya nor Mt Kenya TV have said the interview was actually held.

4. Would you take a media company that has no website seriously?

5. There are dozens of legitimate media companies in Kenya that would be delighted to host the President of the University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA). Why doesn’t Ms Mvurya want to be interviewed by these GENUINE TV stations?

What is Ann Mwangi Mvurya (or is it Ann Mvurya Mwangi) hiding?

6. Forgery is a crime. If Ann Mwangi Mvurya has been using a FAKE Kenyan ID, then she should be charged with forgery and being in Kenya illegally.

Ann Mwangi Mvurya - President UoN Students’ Union (UNSA)

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 7:14 am
by xtyrt5

Ann Mwangi Mvurya - President UoN Students’ Union (UNSA)

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2020 7:58 am
by xtyrt5

Ann Mwangi Mvurya - President UoN Students’ Union (UNSA)

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2020 10:45 am
by xtyrt5
The way these cases are developing so quickly, it appears by year-end, more than a dozen Israelis embedded into Kenyan society by Mossad, will have been discovered.

Already we know of 2 of these Mossad-Kenyans - “Ann Mwangi Mvurya”, and another one identified earlier here.

We can identify several reasons why Ms Mvurya was embedded specifically into Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko:

1. Sonko cannot be accused of being clever. Seeing a beautiful, rich university student looking at him so affectionately, he must have thought, “surely, this is not about money…I must be the ultimate Kenyan ndume.”

2. Establishing a romantic relationship with Sonko ensured that Ms Mvurya was guaranteed use of Sonko’s thugs in her campaign to become President of University of Nairobi Students Association, UNSA.

NOTE: Mossad strategists are very, very clever.

At the university of Nairobi, Ms Mvurya presented herself as a girl from a rich family. She was driving a nice car, and most importantly, she lived outside campus.

That is a very clever tactic, because living in the university residential halls would have exposed her to inquisitive fellow students, and someone might have just discovered that her story doesn’t add up.

As for Sonko, he is just too stupid to realise that his mistress was not who she said she was.

If things had gone according to plan, and Ms Mvurya was not outed, it is very possible that she could have campaigned and won a major political seat in 2022 elections, like Nairobi Women rep or even senator.

In 2027 or 2032, she could even have become President of Kenya.


I think the reason that Mossad (and its financiers) have chosen this tactic is because they have found it very difficult to conquer Kenya using conventional methods.

This tactic of educating an Israeli about Kenya society, culture, language(s), is a lot of work. It must be extremely complicated. It is not easy at all to train a person in such a way that they can be deployed to another country, and be accepted as local by the natives.

Here, Mossad must be congratulated.

However, this would have been almost impossible 30 years ago. The current technology has been a blessing to Mossad, because if someone is suspicious of their agent, they (Mossad) will know about it quickly - through backdoors in social media, search engines, phones etc. - before the information spreads, and find ways to counter the nascent rumour.

Other “Ann Mwangi Mvurya”s

If I was to make a wild guess about how many agents Mossad has currently embedded into Kenyan society and presenting themselves as Kenyans, I would say around 50.

For instance, there is a certain senior politician that is a very likely candidate for Mossad to embed a Mossad-Kenyan into his life. I would guess that there is 90% probability that Mossad already have their agent embedded into this particular politician, either as a (secret) spouse, mistress, girlfriend, close friend or close business associate.

NOTE: Do not confuse Mossad-Kenyans with other Mossad agents in Kenya who come as businessmen, aid workers, tourists etc. Mossad-Kenyans are Israelis passing themselves as Kenyan natives (this means that they are also either Black/Arab-looking, or mixed-race).

Mossad’s tactics are out of this world. They succeeded in embedding their agent into a village in rural Kenya, and no one suspected a thing (link above, the agent discovered before “Mvurya”).

Ann Mwangi Mvurya - President UoN Students’ Union (UNSA)

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 3:58 am
by xtyrt5
Most recent articles about Ann Mwangi Mvurya are being blocked by search engines. Who is capable of doing that? And why?

The image below shows that a recent article about Ms Mvurya is blocked by search engines, despite having many links from well-established websites. The article is from the blog linked to in the 1st post above.

Ann Mwangi Mvurya - President UoN Students’ Union (UNSA)

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2020 5:32 am
by xtyrt5
ann mwangi mvurya bbc.jpg

Ann Mwangi Mvurya - President UoN Students’ Union (UNSA)

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 7:05 am
by xtyrt5

Ann Mwangi Mvurya - President UoN Students’ Union (UNSA)

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 1:41 pm
by xtyrt5
In the case of Silvia Romano, Mossad thought that by making sure the media did not concentrate on the story, and social media users’ posts were shadow banned if they talked about the Silvia, then it would melt away.

That didn’t happen.

Silvia’s story did not die away. Mossad was under pressure.

Mossad solved the Silvia Romano problem by colluding with Somalia government to have her flown from Israel to Somalia, where she was then “rescued”.

Silvia was then flown home to Italy. The media reported how she was rescued through an “intelligence-led operation”.

It was all LIES. But what mattered is that most people believed the official story.

There is 99.9% chance that “Ann Mwangi Mvurya” was quietly whisked to Israel when her cover was blown. Will Israel sneak her back into Kenya to counter the story about her being a Mossad-Kenyan?


1. Ms Mvurya most likely has been using a FAKE Kenyan ID. Easy for Kenya police to prove

2. Ms Mvurya most likely has been using a FAKE KCSE Certificate. Easy for Kenya police to prove

It would be interesting to see how Mossad will navigate around this problem.

Ann Mwangi Mvurya - President UoN Students’ Union (UNSA)

Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2020 2:03 pm
by xtyrt5
Is it possible, that Ann Mwangi Mvurya is, in fact, still in Kenya, holed up at the Israeli embassy in Nairobi?

Ann Mwangi Mvurya - President UoN Students’ Union (UNSA)

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2020 3:25 am
by xtyrt5
Yesterday (August 4, 2020) morning, something interesting happened. Citizen TV announced on Twitter (@citizentvkenya) that they will be interviewing a university professor and student leader UoN, Ann Mvurya, about the topic “The Future of University Learning”, at 6.50 am on same day (August 4, 2020).

I kept checking Citizen TV Twitter account about the interview, but all I saw were 2 Tweets regarding their video call interview with the Moi University professor. Nothing about Ms Mvurya.

Later in the afternoon, I decided to look at their YouTube channel (Kenya CitizenTV). Once again, I saw the video of the university professor, but none about Mvurya.

However, I saw they had uploaded another video earlier, titled “DAY BREAK | State of the pandemic”. I decided to watch it. And there she was, although the interviewer referred to her as Ann Mwangi.

In the details about that video, there was NOTHING. ZERO. Just “DAY BREAK”. Therefore, unless you watched it, you wouldn’t know who is being interviewed.

I also realised that, on Citizen TV Twitter account, I had seen a Tweet with the same words “DAY BREAK” and nothing else, and the same video as that on their YouTube channel. But no mention of Ann Mwangi Mvurya or Ann Mwangi or even Ann Mvurya. NOTHING.

I checked the Twitter account of the gentleman who interviewed Ann. Nothing there about the interview, either.

You are free to make your own conclusion about the above information.

Proof of Life

The video call on Citizen TV proved that Ms Ann Mwangi Mvurya was alive.

However, it did not answer 2 very important questions:

1. Where is she?

2. Is she FREE, or she is being held against her will?


It is more than a month since University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA) Chairperson, Ann Mwangi Mvurya, went MIA.

It is more than a month since University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA) Chairperson, Ann Mwangi Mvurya, was identified, right here on this forum, as a possible Mossad-Kenyan.

A coincidence?

In that one month, all Ann Mvurya needed to do, is attend a public function (in Nairobi, or wherever she is in Kenya) and post about it on social media.

Nothing like that has happened.

More than 24 hours after her video call interview at Citizen TV, Ms Mvurya had not posted anything about that interview. If you watch it, you will know why (to find the video on YouTube, go to “Kenya CitizenTV”, and search for “DAY BREAK State of the pandemic”).

Clearly, Ms Ann Mwangi Mvurya is in distress.

If they force her to do another such interview, anyone who cares about her human rights should contact Human Rights organisations around the world to find her, and rescue her.

They should not force her to do interviews. Just let her walk to a restaurant in Nairobi, and post a video about it - a video that will clearly prove that it is less than 1 day old, and include a well-known person in Kenya.

She is the President of University of Nairobi Students Association! She knows a lot of famous Kenyans.

Surely, there must be one such well-known Kenyan who will be happy to go out for coffee with her today. Just do it and end all speculation.