The FALASHAS Journey: From Ethiopia, to Israel, to Kenya

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The FALASHAS Journey: From Ethiopia, to Israel, to Kenya

Post by xtyrt5 » Wed Apr 21, 2021 7:49 am

What a journey the FALASHA-IMPOSTORS have made! It is not a small task to have your blood brother/sister claiming to belong to a certain tribe in one region/country, while you claim to belong to an entirely different tribe in another region/country. And when you meet accidentally, you don’t even acknowledge each other’s presence.

It requires a lot of discipline.

Brief History of the FALASHAS

1. They live(d) in North Western Ethiopia.

2. They refer to themselves as Beta Israel. They do not like the name "FALASHA" - which is Amharic for "exiles" or "landless ones”.

3. The first Ethiopian Jews who settled in Israel in the modern times came in 1934.

4. Between the years 1963 and 1975, a relatively small group of Beta Israel emigrated to Israel.

5. In 1973, Israel's Chief Rabbi, Ovadia Yosef, recognized the Falashas as "full" Jews, thereby enabling them to benefit from the "right of return”.

6. After the Chief Rabbi’s declaration that FALASHAS were full Jews, MOSSAD went to work. It started helping FALASHAS to go to Israel secretly, via other countries.

7. In 1984, the Sudanese government, following the intervention of the United States, allowed the emigration of 7,200 Beta Israel refugees to Europe who immediately flew from there to Israel - known as Operation Moses ("The Lion of Judah's Cub”).

8. The Ethiopian Beta Israel community in Israel today comprises more than 121,000 people. This is a little more than 1 percent of the Israeli population.


I have never read or heard about the FALASHAS bothering anyone in Ethiopia, ever. Therefore, they are like anyone else.

However, as can be seen from above, MOSSAD played a major role to take many FALASHAS to Israel. This means that these immigrants saw MOSSAD as saviours. Not surprisingly, MOSSAD took advantage of this trust to recruit a significant number of the FALASHAS to be trained as spies.

The FALASHAS provided something MOSSAD desperately needed - people who could infiltrate African countries and be accepted as locals. Obviously, FALASHAS being African/Black meant that if they were taught to be fluent in a particular African language, they could very easily be sent to that African country, and be accepted as locals.

That is how some ended up in Kenya.

The FALASHA IMPOSTORS in Kenya are estimated to be between 1,000-5,000 members. They include:

1. Rahamim Caveda alias Farouk Kibet – a top aide to the Deputy President of Kenya, William Ruto;

2. Narok Senator Solomon Sidisto alias Ledama Olekina;

3. Nyali MP Yehuda Yacob alias Mohammed Ali (Moha JichoPevu);

4. Former Chairman of the Law Society of Kenya, LSK, Berhanu Sabahat alias Ahmednasir Abdullahi;

5. Current Chairman of the Law Society of Kenya, LSK, Yehiel Melaku alias Nelson Havi;

6. Mombasa Governor Neggousa Bogale alias Hassan Ali Joho;

7. Lamu Senator Desta Pakada alias Anwar Loitiptip;

8. Jubilee Party Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura;

9. Nyandarua Woman Representative Faith Gitau;

10. Garissa Woman Representative Gure Anab Mohamed;

11. Nyeri Woman Representative Rahab Mukami;

12. Former President University of Nairobi Students’ Union, Pnina Salmasa alias Ann Mwangi Mvurya;

13. Musician Samidoh (Samuel Muchoki Ndirangu);

14. Nairobi County nominated MCA Anne Thumbi;

15. Blogger Kinuthia Pius.

These 1,000-5,000 IMPOSTORS do various SABOTAGE activities under the radar, undetected by Kenyans. The jobs they do include:

1. Attending - in large numbers - political rallies of certain politicians, and cheering, to make them appear to be popular on the ground;

2. Attending - in few numbers - political rallies of certain politicians, and heckling, to make them appear to be unpopular on the ground;

3. Spying on targeted Kenyans;

4. Sabotaging businesses of targeted Kenyans;

5. Popularising certain Kenyans, on the ground and online;

6. Slandering certain Kenyans, on the ground and online;

7. Blackmailing targeted Kenyans;

8. Popularising ANTI-KENYA policies, on the ground and online;

9. Misleading Kenyans about PRO-KENYA policies, on the ground and online;

10. Becoming embedded into certain targeted Kenyans - as business associates, friends, girlfriends/boyfriends or husbands/wives;

11. Using rumour and innuendo to cause suspicion and hate between different Kenyan tribes;

12. Being sent outside Kenya to act as just another Kenyan student/immigrant, and do the above 1-11 jobs on targeted Kenyans abroad.

NOTE: Get PDF version of this post HERE && HERE.


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