Mossad Registered UDA Kenya Political Party

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Mossad Registered UDA Kenya Political Party

Post by xtyrt5 » Sun Jun 20, 2021 6:23 am

Normally, Mossad prefers to use ignorant associates as fronts in their plots. But when it came to registering a political party in Kenya, they didn’t take any chances. They registered UDA through their Kenya-based SPY-IMPOSTORS.

Mossad also made SPY-IMPOSTOR Veronica Maina the Secretary General of UDA.

This means that it is Mossad SPY-IMPOSTORS who are running the UDA secretariat.

Why couldn’t Mossad trust any Kenyan to run UDA operations?

These are the reasons:

1. They want someone who can coordinate smoothly with other SPY-IMPOSTORS spread around Kenya. Obviously, they cannot allow a Kenyan to receive this kind of information directly.

2. They want persons who will follow Mossad orders when it comes to issuing nomination tickets to various candidates during elections.

A Kenyan cannot be trusted to do this. For instance, a Kenyan Secretary General may be having a relative who is interested in becoming an MP of a certain constituency, while Mossad also have a SPY-IMPOSTOR they want to receive that nomination certificate.

3. UDA operatives move tens of millions of Shillings daily, to fund various political activities. They cannot trust a Kenyan to know how they move this money around, because they do it in a manner similar to what money launderers do.

Kiambaa By-election

In Kiambaa by-election, UDA nominated SPY-IMPOSTOR John Njuguna Wanjiku. This enables good coordination between the candidate and other SPY-IMPOSTORS involved in the campaign.

If Mossad did not directly run UDA, this nomination might not have been possible.

Furthermore, it is in the interest of Mossad to have as many SPY-IMPOSTORS becoming MPs as possible, so they can have more power to push for Mossad’s interests in Kenya.

The 5,000 Foreign-Born IMPOSTORS Sent to Kenya by a Foreign Power

There are about 5,000 foreign-born IMPOSTORS living in Kenya. They were brought secretly to Kenya by the MOST POWERFUL SPY AGENCY in the world.

They have Kenyan names and speak Kenyan languages. They have blended so well into Kenyan society, without raising any suspicion, that some have even been elected to Parliament.

Their ultimate goal is to conquer Kenya, by having one of them become the President of Kenya. Other IMPOSTORS would be Cabinet Secretaries, Ambassadors etc.

Kenya would have been colonised without firing a single shot. Real Kenyans will become slaves, and yet the rest of the world wouldn’t be able to help, because they won’t know about it.

These 5,000 IMPOSTORS do various SABOTAGE activities under the radar, undetected by Kenyans. The jobs they do include:

1. Attending - in large numbers - political rallies hosted by DP and his allies and cheering, to make them appear to be popular on the ground;

2. Attending - in few numbers - political rallies of politicians seen as a threat to DP’s interests, and heckling, to make them appear to be unpopular on the ground;

3. Spying on targeted Kenyans;

4. Sabotaging businesses of patriotic Kenyans;

5. Popularising unpatriotic Kenyans, on the ground and online;

6. Slandering patriotic Kenyans, on the ground and online;

7. Blackmailing targeted patriotic Kenyans;

8. Popularising ANTI-KENYA policies, on the ground and online;

9. Manipulating Kenyans to oppose PRO-KENYA policies, on the ground and online;

10. Becoming embedded into certain targeted Kenyans - as business associates, friends, girlfriends/boyfriends or husbands/wives;

11. Using rumour and innuendo to cause suspicion and hate between different Kenyan tribes;

12. Being sent outside Kenya to act as just another Kenyan student/immigrant, and do the above 1-11 jobs on targeted Kenyans abroad.

Defending Kenya From Being Colonised Through The Backdoor

The spy agency that brought these IMPOSTORS to Kenya has calculated that, their plan will be accomplished by first making DP president. This is because they embedded their IMPOSTORS into him long ago - e.g. his supposed “aide” Farouk Kibet.

To sabotage the spy agency’s evil mission in Kenya, and rescue Kenya from being colonised, is to make sure you don’t support the politician they want you to support - DP.

Supporting the government 100% will completely sabotage these IMPOSTORS’ plan to conquer Kenya. Supporting “The Handshake” politicians will completely ruin the spy agency’s anti-Kenya plot.

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Mossad Registered UDA Kenya Political Party

Post by xtyrt5 » Sun Jun 27, 2021 7:28 am

Why Mossad is Blackmailing Kiambu Woman Rep Gathoni Wamuchomba

Kiambu Woman Rep Gathoni Wamuchomba is being blackmailed by the most powerful spy agency in the world. Several months ago, I noticed some of her photos on a “Kenyan” website that I know is run by foreign-born Mossad SPY-IMPOSTORS.

They were the kind of photos someone wouldn’t want seen by the public. Also, the way they were posted, there was no doubt whoever had done it was saying “there’s more where these came from”.

At around that time, I also noticed that Hon Wamuchomba had gone unusually quiet. In fact, I have been writing here for months about certain prominent Kenyans being blackmailed by the Kenya-based IMPOSTORS.

It is Hon Wamuchomba who made me realise that some Kenyans are suffering blackmail silently.

The problem with blackmail is that you don’t have to have done anything wrong for you to be blackmailed.

All a blackmailer needs to do, is to obtain information about you that you wouldn’t want made public. They then tell you, “if you want this information to remain private, you must do a,b,c”.

Blackmail is not a recent phenomenon.

The first FBI Director John Edgar Hoover (in office 1924-1972) was said to have been blackmailed by the Mafia for decades.

“Top organized crime figures Meyer Lansky and Frank Costello obtained photos of Hoover’s alleged homosexual activity with longtime aide Clyde Tolson and used them to ensure that the FBI did not target their illegal activities…” (

It is said that The Mafia became very powerful in the mid 1900s because the person responsible for destroying the mob was in their pocket, courtesy of major blackmail.

Back to Hon Wamuchomba. Why would Mossad want to blackmail her?

Because Mossad desperately wants central Kenya people to embrace UDA party, and vote for its presidential candidate.

Ms Wamuchomba is a well known figure in Mt Kenya region, because of her many years in the media industry, especially Kikuyu language radio stations.

When a famous Jubilee MP like Hon Wamuchomba defects to UDA, that is very good OPTICS for the party. It makes many Mt Kenya politicians say, “If Hon Wamuchomba has also gone to UDA, that party must be very popular”.

Defection of Wamuchomba was initiated by UDA Secretary General, Mossad SPY-IMPOSTOR Hadas Tehila-Tegegne alias Veronica Maina.

For Ms Tehila-Tegegne, defection of Wamuchomba at this time is very important, because, once they make Central Kenya people believe that “many people are defecting to UDA”, she would then organise for the remaining Central Kenya IMPOSTOR MPs - around 14 in number, led by Catherine Waruguru - to defect at once.

NOTE: Kenyans don’t know these 14 MPs about to defect are foreign-born IMPOSTORS. Therefore, when they defect to UDA, many patriotic Kenyan politicians would also defect, because they would believe that UDA, despite being owned by a foreign spy agency, must be the future.

Ms Tehila-Tegegne probably told Ms Wamuchomba: “I hear you are living in great fear that someone is about to leak very embarrassing photos…I know someone who can help you in that regard…”

Eventually, Ms Tehila-Tegegne would tell Hon Wamuchomba: “The person is willing to help, but there’s a big problem…He is a die-hard supporter of UDA party…He says he cannot help someone who is in Jubilee…”

Finally, Hon Wamuchomba felt that she had no choice but to defect to UDA.

What she doesn’t know is that the people blackmailing her are Ms Tehila-Tegegne and her fellow IMPOSTORS.

5D Chess.

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Mossad Registered UDA Kenya Political Party

Post by xtyrt5 » Sun Sep 12, 2021 8:24 am


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