Why Kenya Presidential Vote was Rigged, and Why it Must be Nullified

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James Utu
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Why Kenya Presidential Vote was Rigged, and Why it Must be Nullified

Post by James Utu » Tue Aug 16, 2022 8:45 am

Majority of The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Commissioners have disowned the presidential vote results announced by their chairman.

Did you know that the company contracted to manage the election in Kenya, "is the same company accused of rigging elections in Venezuela, Philippines and the United States"?

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Why Kenya Presidential Vote was Rigged, and Why it Must be Nullified

Post by quteda » Wed Aug 17, 2022 2:25 am

A major sign of election rigging is voting patterns that defy all logic.

I looked at results of several polling stations in 2 Mt Kenya counties, and noticed something very peculiar.

Voters in several polling stations neighbouring each other - meaning neighbouring villages - appeared to vote in a very strange manner.

Let me call them polling stations A, B, C, D, E, F (I have rounded off the presidential vote result percentages).

Polling Station A: Ruto = 96%; Raila = 3%

Polling Station B: Ruto = 73%; Raila = 26%

Polling Station C: Ruto = 98%; Raila = 1%

Polling Station D: Ruto = 80%; Raila = 19%

Polling Station E: Ruto = 97%; Raila = 2%

Polling Station F: Ruto = 78%; Raila = 21%

This type of voting, in a generally single tribe area, in a Kenyan presidential election is not possible.

Either results in polling stations A, C & E are REAL and results in B, D & F are MANIPULATED; or

Results in polling stations B, D & F are REAL and results in A, C & E are MANIPULATED.

NOTE: If they could successfully rig results in 1 polling station, without raising any suspicion, they definitely rigged in many other polling stations too.

However, what is needed is solid proof of how this rigging was done.

This is a very serious criminal matter, and forensic experts from DCI should help unravel this mystery.

There is not much time to do this, since this evidence needs to be available within 7 days, for use in Supreme Court.

Therefore, DCI experts should get on this case right away.

They should concentrate on just a few neighbouring polling stations, in generally single tribe areas, where the votes for the 2 presidential candidates show extreme variance.

This rigging scheme must be exposed.

It is not acceptable that a presidential candidate who won by more than 2 million votes is denied his genuine victory.

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