Silvia Romano Kidnap: The Real Story

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Silvia Romano Kidnap: The Real Story

Post by Former Mossad Agent » Mon Feb 18, 2019 10:21 am

“Police investigations indicate that Italian aid worker Silvia Romano, who was abducted from a remote village in Kilifi county had bought ivory pieces from Said Adan Abdi, one of the suspected abductors on November 20, 2018 moments before she was abducted from her hotel room by three armed men.

Police investigations reveal that Romano was in constant communication with one of the kidnappers a few days prior to her abduction.

Police now believe that it was a business deal gone sour after Romano, who had bought unknown amount of illegal ivory from Abdi failed to pay for the illegal ivory which had been supplied to her and managed to smuggle out of the country since April 2017.”

Alternative Theory About Silvia Romano Work in Kenya

One thing about Silvia Romano that indicates she is not who she claimed to be is that the media has been dead silent about her abduction, including media from her country, Italy. Even big international media companies have ignored her ‘abduction’. Why?

If the ivory story is true, then, why would international media cover up for a common criminal? That doesn’t make any sense.

I don’t believe the ivory smuggling story. What was her true mission? Was it the destabilisation of Kenya? If this is the case, then whoever she works for has to come up with a convincing story, by giving clues that lead to ivory smuggling.

If this theory is true, then her employer has already sneaked her out of the country.

It would be naïve for anyone to think that the destabilisation experienced in south-eastern Kenya in the past few years is solely the work of al-Shabaab.

Kenya police need to make public information about Ms Romano - her background, ethnicity, where she studied etc.

If any external entity pressures Kenya police not to do that, then that would be confirmation that she was involved in activities meant to destabilise the country; and in that case, police should ignore the foreign entities and make the matter public, as a matter of national security.

Further, this matter should be handled by the top detectives in Kenya, in liaison with the NIS.

READ: https://africa24newsreviews.files.wordp ... -kenya.pdf && ... secret.pdf &&

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Silvia Romano: Italian Kidnapped in Kenya Said to be Ivory Smuggler

Post by fourier » Tue Feb 19, 2019 2:54 am

Apart from Sylvia Constanza Romano, all the other foreign abductions in Kenya, 3 in total, have occurred within 100 kilometres of the Somalia border, and in all cases, the Somalia-based terrorist group, al-Shabaab, has claimed responsibility.

UK couple David and Judith Tebbutt kidnapped in Kiwayu, Lamu county - Less than 50km from Somalia. al-Shabaab claimed responsibility.

Marie Dedieu, 66, from France, kidnapped in Manda island, Lamu county - Less than 100km from Somalia. al-Shabaab claimed responsibility.

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) aid workers from Spain, Montserrat Serra y Ridao, 40 & Blanca Thiebaut, 30: kidnapped in the Dadaab refugee camp, Garissa county - Less than 100km from Somalia. al-Shabaab claimed responsibility.

Sylvia was abducted in Chakama, Kilifi county, more than 300km from Somalia border. Although it is not impossible, it would have been extremely difficult for the kidnappers to cross over to Somalia because the area near the border is swarmed by Kenya army.

Kenya police also reacted quickly and sent reinforcements to block any unauthorised persons or vehicles in the area from moving towards Somalia. So where is Miss Sylvia Romano? Was the kidnap genuine?

More than 3 months since her “kidnap”, yet no ransom demand; no propaganda from al-Shabaab gloating about a successful kidnap deep inside Kenya.

Don’t want to speculate, but does this Romano case influence Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini’s rather unusual position about the global power structure recently?

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Silvia Romano “Presumably” Still Kidnapped, Italian President Says

Post by Cassano » Mon Mar 18, 2019 11:57 am

According to my online translator, the image statement in Italian translates to:

“15 March 2019…The President of the Republic[Italy] Sergio Mattarella, in Ancona, joined the thought addressed by the president of the student council Pasquale La Serra to the 23-year-old cooperator Silvia Romano, kidnapped in Kenya on November 20, run near Chakama and still presumably a prisoner of her kidnappers. ... bfbdf.html
NOTE: Apparently, President Mattarella gave the statement above only after someone asked him a question about Ms Romano.

From another Italian language website, dated 14 March 2019:
“…Was there a request for a ransom? Are negotiations underway with the kidnappers? Is Silvia still in Kenya? Unanswered questions, 114 days after the abduction, while anguish grows over the fate of the Milanese cooperative.” ... -1.4489732

Obviously, very powerful figures are playing with peoples’ minds, hoping that people will soon forget about the “kidnapping”.

Certainly, Kenya has received the short end of the stick in all these shenanigans.

It is not in doubt that (((powerful figures))) have pressured Government of Kenya(GoK) not to release information about who “Ms Romano” really is. However, it is in Kenya’s interest for details about Silvia Romano “kidnapping” and her current wherebouts to be made public because the matter has a strong bearing on Kenya’s national security.

It is inconceivable that someone can travel all the way from Europe to come and engage DIRECTLY in the illegal and dangerous ivory trade in Kenya.

This leaves only one other possibility - The Obvious.

Governments all over the world engage in strategic leaking of information that can help solve a certain crime if they cannot release it officially due to certain legal or political constraints.

GoK needs to do that ASAP regarding this case.

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Silvia Romano Kidnap: The Real Story

Post by fourier » Sun Mar 31, 2019 11:51 am

Silvia Romano was kidnapped a mere 30 km from where Israeli company, Green Arava Ltd was working at Galana/Kulalu irrigation project.

Interesting Coincidences:
1. Green Arava Ltd abandoned work suddenly, soon after Ms Romano “abduction”.
2. Powerful people from abroad want the matter forgotten.

Was Ms Romano working for Mossad? Was Green Arava a front for a major Mossad operation meant to completely destabilise Kenya? If so, have their destabilisation project been neutralised, or merely postponed?

Did Mossad whisk Silvia to safety abroad?

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Silvia Romano Kidnap: The Real Story

Post by fourier » Mon Apr 01, 2019 6:09 am

Online translation of the image(not perfect): Article dated 27 March 2019

“Silvia Romano, wall of silence from Kenya: the carabinieri of the Ros would like to investigate on the spot.

Silvia Romano, the Ros would like to investigate in Kenya, but Nairobi denies the permission. The "wall" of silence in Kenya on the matter of cooperating Milanese kidnapped by four months. You do not know anything definite about her fate, even if it is still in the Country

On the same page, further down, they add: “the young lady is still in the forest of the Tana river.“ ... i-ros.html

1. I guess carabinieri is Italy’s GSU.
2. If indeed its true that Rome wants to investigate but Nairobi is denying them permission, then it would be in Rome’s interest for the matter to be publicised. However, its almost impossible to find any recent article about Ms Romano in English.

That can only be done deliberately.

It is obvious that powerful people(not Italian, and not Kenyan) want the matter to die away quietly, but so as not to appear as if there is a cover up, they keep offering bogus articles and tweets in Italian ONLY.

Of course Ms Romano is Italian (supposedly), therefore its normal for articles about her to be in Italian. But, why do we find articles about other Italian issues also appearing in English(or in English language media), while there’s none about Ms Romano?

Generally, Western media likes highlighting stories that portray Africans negatively.

The story about a European aid worker abducted in broad daylight in Kenya, and the fact that local police have apparently not been able to find her more than 4 months later, would be perfect for Western media. It is Kenya that would be preferring the matter be hushed up.

But in this case, the opposite is happening. (Non-Italian language)Western media don’t want to touch this story. Even the Daily Mail, that generally likes these kind of African stories, is not writing about this case. The last time they wrote about it was last year. Why?

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Silvia Romano Kidnap: The Real Story

Post by fourier » Tue Apr 02, 2019 11:05 am

Events like this Romano story also give us the opportunity to identify INDEPENDENT media in Kenya(if any exist). Independent media is media that is brave enough to write about a NATIONAL SECURITY issue like this crime that powerful people don’t want publicized.

As far as I can tell, no Kenyan media has written about this story in the past month. So, it is not only Western media that is avoiding this story, local media are also fearing to write about it.

Any Kenyan on social media independent enough to highlight this story on Twitter or Facebook? (warning! It is risky)

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Silvia Romano Kidnap: The Real Story

Post by fourier » Thu Apr 04, 2019 9:37 am

liberoquotidiano.jpeg (28.09 KiB) Viewed 19960 times
Online translation(not perfect): “March 28, 2019: Silvia Romano, "killed in a firefight": the authorities of Kenya do not deny…”

On same page, further down, after translation, I got: “The news coming from Kenya is terrifying, the worst: Silvia Romano would have been killed during a shootout between the group of marauders who had kidnapped her and a cell of Al Shabaab , the Somali jihadists who wanted to "buy" her for then ask for a ransom from Italy.” ... tisce.html

All this information coming from Italy is, of course, lies.

Very unfortunate. Never seen this kind of cover-up and deliberate dissemination of false information in a kidnapping case.

We are left with no alternative but to make our own theories about what is happening.

This is what I think happened:

Romano is a Mossad agent. Green Arava Ltd was doing the irrigation as cover for a major Mossad operation in Kenya.

Green Arava were working right next to Tsavo East National Park (Area 13,747 km2). Tsavo is a park teeming with lots of wildlife including elephants, lions, cheetahs etc.

Naturally, ordinary people keep off the park because of safety concerns.

Tourists are taken round the park following specific trails. The only people who can freely move anywhere within the park are the Kenya Wildlife Service(KWS) rangers.

Therefore, if you build rapport with corrupt rangers, you will have access to hundreds of thousands of acres to yourself, to do whatever activity you want.

I believe that Ms Romano’s alleged illegal ivory trade with the KWS rangers(who have since been arrested) was meant to create rapport so Mossad could then move to the next stage.

Unfortunately, the people she was dealing with were too greedy and decided to kidnap her for ransom. They might have argued that, “this lady is an international criminal, therefore, if we kidnap her, her friends will pay ransom without going to the police.”

However, Mossad agents working with Green Arava nearby rescued her, and probably killed her kidnappers.

Green Arava is involved with heavy machinery and they probably have regular cargo movements by plane to and from Kenya, either from Mombasa or Malindi airports nearby.

They could have moved Romano out of the country using one of those planes, disguised as someone else, or as cargo.

Now, all Mossad and its sponsors need to do, is to make sure the “kidnapping” story goes away.

The people behind Mossad are so powerful that it is understandable that Kenyan police wouldn’t want to talk about the case. Hopefully, since Italy is much more powerful than Kenya, senior officials there will hold a press conference about Silvia Romano, so that the rats behind this racket can be exposed.

Mossad agents carrying European/North American passports have been trying for the past few years to revive a separatist movement in Kenya’s south, the Mombasa Republican Council (MRC).

Actually, I think the Mossad project in Kilifi/Tana River counties was supposed to create a training camp for the MRC in the Tsavo.

That way, Kenya security services would have been fighting the MRC in the south, al Shabab in the East and South East, and the yet to be named militia Mossad has been recruiting in the North West of Kenya.

On another note, maybe Africans migrating to Europe and North America illegally should be allowed to settle in those countries, since (((the people))) destabilizing African countries reside in those continents.

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Silvia Romano Kidnap: The Real Story

Post by fourier » Wed Apr 10, 2019 1:12 pm

Online translation of above image: “A large placard has appeared recently, in Endenna di Zogno,[Italy], written “Free Silvia” and the smiling face of Silvia Romano…” ... ya/306444/

I checked online, and it appears that Endenna di Zogno is a town in Lombardy region, in the northwest of Italy.

All good. But one would expect that such a poster would be of more help towards solving Silvia’s mystery if it was erected near the scene of crime in Kenya. Someone might just see the poster and remember something. (Or maybe people are supposed to forget?)

If an inquisitive journalist asked the authorities in Italy why they are not taking the Sylvia Romano disappearance seriously, they might now be told that is not the case, and be informed about Silvia’s poster(s) in Lombardy.

Such a journalist will also be informed that top politicians in Italy have also talked about the case(never appeared in English language media)…

“What about lack of recent English articles about Romano?” the journalist might ask. He would be directed to a recent English article about Silvia in a nondescript media no one had ever heard about.

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Silvia Romano Kidnap: The Real Story

Post by fourier » Sun Apr 14, 2019 1:23 pm

The Huffington Post Italian version has written an article about Silvia Romano, quoting Italian media called Corriere Della Sera. Huffington Post has carefully avoided mentioning the story in their English version.
HuffingtonPost_romano.jpeg (52.98 KiB) Viewed 19902 times
Online Translation: "We are sure that Silvia is alive, all our efforts are concentrated on research," the Kenyan investigators assured before handing over the file to his colleagues with the documents collected so far, including the minutes of the two kidnappers arrested a few days after the abduction of the girl. The seal on an agreement that also involves the foreign ministry and the men of Aise, the [Italian] secret service for security abroad. ... 39a8.shtml

The cock and bull story, as told by the Corriere Della Sera, is very interesting.

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Silvia Romano Kidnap: The Real Story

Post by fourier » Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:11 am

I was banned from 4CHAN for posting about Silvia. I tried using TOR but the captcha would never let me post.

So I went to 8CHAN. Same story. Used 8 chan’s ONION address on tor, but they shamelessly state that my IP is banned. Tried several times, same result.

Very interesting, because tor is supposed to mask your address, right? Then how do the CHANs know I am a repeat user when I restart my computer & tor?

This is an eye opener: Whatever you see on 4chan & 8chan, is what (((they))) allow to be seen by the public.

Therefore, the Silvia Romano story is more inimical to (((their))) interests than anything you have ever seen on the CHANs.

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Silvia Romano Kidnap: The Real Story

Post by fourier » Tue Apr 30, 2019 3:07 am

enzomoaveromilanesi.jpg (64.45 KiB) Viewed 19697 times
(Translation from Italian) LECCO, APRIL 26 - "We are in constant contact, it is an extremely complex situation to be managed with care and confidentiality": [Italy] Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi replied in connection with the kidnapping of compatriot Silvia Romano in Kenya. "There are some of our people who are following the evolution of the situation in close collaboration with local authorities in Kenya," the minister added. ... 7dc0f.html

The fact still remains: Why the deliberate avoidance of also having the news in English language media (so people in Kenya, where the crime occurred, and where it is claimed she is still holed up, can follow the story)?

Who are these people who have managed to intimidate both Kenya and Italy governments?

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Silvia Romano Kidnap: The Real Story

Post by fourier » Fri May 03, 2019 11:15 am

Most Kenyans who were adults in the 1980s heard about the case of Ms Julie Ward, a British tourist who went missing in the Maasai Mara game reserve.

“Julie Ward was a British woman who was killed in Kenya in September 1988. Ward died whilst on safari in the Masai Mara game reserve.”

Those days, there were no private TV or Radio stations in Kenya. No mobile phones. No internet. The country was still a one party dictatorship, with the print press closely monitored by state security agents. But still, the matter of Julie Ward got to be known by most Kenyans, largely because of the print media, local and foreign, reporting about the case ceaselessly.

I remember my relative, who was illiterate, asking me: “Now, why did the government kill the mzungu girl?”

Although he did not follow news, local or foreign, he had nevertheless heard about Ms Ward’s killing at his local.

In 2019, when most Kenyans have smartphones, internet connected computers and TVs, and when Kenya has many private media companies, how many Kenyans have heard about Silvia Romano?

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