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2 Cuban Doctors Abducted in Mandera

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 7:49 am
by Imani
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2 Cuban Doctors Abducted in Mandera

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 9:18 am
by Imani
Gunmen shot and killed a police officer before abducting Kenya based Cuban doctors Landy Rodriguez (a surgeon) and Herera Correa (general practitioner). Both doctors had been working at the Mandera Referral Hospital for the past year.

Witnesses said the doctors were being escorted to work when two salon cars blocked their way and shots rent the air in an ambush.

Mandera town is about a kilometer away from the main Kenya- Somalia border. ... in-mandera

Tourist abducted in Kenya: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3428

Meanwhile: “The US State Department has updated its travel advisories…with a new indicator to highlight the risk of kidnapping and hostage taking…High-threat countries…will now be labeled with a "K" in order to "communicate more clearly to US citizens the risks of kidnapping and hostage taking by criminal and terrorist actors around the world," the department said Tuesday.
“Travel advisories for the following countries have been updated to include the "K" indicator: Afghanistan…Kenya…Nigeria…Uganda…” ... index.html
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Cuban Doctors Abducted in Mandera

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 6:28 am
by Imani
The abducted Cuban doctors were quickly driven into Somalia, only 1 kilometre away from Mandera. Maybe they were abducted by Al Shabaab, or maybe they were abducted by other criminals operating in the area for ransom.

It is quite saddening that after all the killings carried out in Mandera over the years by Somalia-based criminals, Kenya govt has not yet constructed a wall at the border.

I remember seeing a photo of a very nice fence and trench allegedly being constructed along the border. Where was it being constructed?

A strong fence + trench + cameras etc. along Kenya-Somalia border is an urgent priority. But if funds are limited, the priority should be considered to be:

1. From Kenya-Somalia-Ethiopia border to at least 100 km southwards;
2. From Kenya-Somalia border at the Indian ocean to at least 100 km northwards.

A lot can be said about al shabab and their sponsors, but there is also negligence on Kenya’s side. As Kenyan authorities have probably learnt by now, there are powerful forces behind the anarchy in Somalia.

As far as the al shabab terrorists are concerned, Kenya is their meal ticket. That is why they concentrate most of their activities on the Southern part of Somalia bordering Kenya.

The least Kenya govt can do is to make it very difficult for criminals to enter Kenya from Somalia, and even more difficult to travel back to Somalia after committing crimes in Kenya.

2 Cuban Doctors Abducted in Mandera

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 3:33 am
by Imani
“The House committee on Defence and Foreign Relations tabled its report on the project and urged the government to fast-track its completion[Kenya-Somalia border wall/fence].”

“But MPs led by leader of majority Aden Duale (Garissa Town) vowed not to allow "a few individuals” to use the insecurity in northern Kenya and the Al-Shabaab threat to steal public funds appropriated by parliament. Mr Duale told the committee to declare the border wall project is not viable instead of defending it and asking parliament for more money for it.” ... index.html

If money was stolen, that is a criminal case, and DCI should investigate the matter and prosecute the people responsible.

But the FENCE MUST BE BUILT regardless. You can’t say a very crucial road will not be built because someone stole the project’s money. Prosecute the persons responsible and give another company tender to build the road.

What is actually happening is that some politicians from region bordering Somalia are against the fence because of selfish reasons. Anyone who understands Kenyan politics knows what these selfish reasons are, and they are anti-Kenya.

In a country where the rule of law is enforced strictly, these politicians sabotaging Kenya security because of selfish reasons would be charged with treason.

NOTE: Those claiming businesses in Kenya near the Somalia border will suffer if the fence is built are not being sincere. There will be gates allowing flow of people and goods between Kenya and Somalia.

The only difference will be that these gates will be manned by security personnel. So anyone involved in legitimate business wouldn’t suffer any losses if the fence is built.

But if someone is involved in criminal cross-border activities like gun-running, well, their business will suffer.