Lamu Coal Plant: Construction Should Start Immediately

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Lamu Coal Plant: Construction Should Start Immediately

Post by tana » Thu Jun 06, 2019 9:24 am

I believe renewable energy like wind & solar is much preferable to coal, and that is why big companies around the world are using nuclear and coal power to build wind turbines and solar panels.

- In 2015, coal powered plants generated 34.0% of electricity in Japan.
- In 2018, coal powered plants generated 27.4% of electricity in the US.
- In 2017, coal powered plants generated 37% of electricity in Germany.
- At 07:25:00 GMT on 2019-06-06 nuclear powered plants generated 14.8% of electricity in the UK.
- In 2015, coal powered plants generated 72% of electricity in China.

- In 2016, nuclear powered plants generated 72.3% of electricity in France. ... _in_France
- In 2017, nuclear powered plants generated 32% of electricity in Switzerland. ... rland.aspx
- In 2015, coal powered plants generated 92.7% of electricity in South Africa. (This World Bank site has data for % of coal power in all countries in the world in 2015).

Electric cars do not pollute the environment, and are therefore much preferable to diesel/petrol engine cars. That is why big companies around the world are using nuclear and coal power to build and charge the cars.

Analogy: If you tell a starving man that he shouldn’t eat the food in front of him because it might have some negative effect on him, he will ignore you, eat to his satisfaction, and then tell you, “we can talk now. What were you saying?”

Points to Ponder:

1. Kenya urgently needs coal-powered plants to generate at least 3000 MW (stable, cheap power) by 2025 if the critical problem of unemployment is to be solved.

2. A Kenyan will oppose coal, and at the same time complain SGR is not electrified, and that there are no jobs.

3. Olkaria Geothermal Power Station has managed to produce 185 MW after more than 30 years of investment and upgrades. ... er_Station

4. Foreign entities fund NGOs in Kenya to oppose coal power plants, yet they have never funded a single renewable power plant (by funding, I don’t mean a loan, I mean a grant).

5. About coal and health. The toothpastes we use, the processed oils, butter, bread and other processed foods we eat, and factory made medicine we take, are all bad for our health. Or, why do you think there are so many cancer cases compared to 100 years ago?

These recent health problems are caused by “development” or modernity. If we could all agree to live life like our ancestors did 1,000 years ago, these health problems would cease.

But life expectancy would still go down because many more people would be dying during childbirth, due to common injuries, dysentery, consumption etc.


Kenya should immediately start coal-powered electricity generation, and also invest in renewable power production so that in future, the coal plants should be getting decommissioned and replaced by renewables/nuclear.

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Lamu Coal Plant: Construction Should Start Immediately

Post by tana » Fri Jun 07, 2019 6:17 am

When it comes to the proposed Lamu Coal-powered electricity generating plant, or any other power plant in Kenya, the only important factors to consider are:

1. The contractors/owners MUST pass the security test.
2. It should not be close to a populated area (at least 20 km away);
3. It should not sit on prime agricultural land;
4. It must be classified as safe by NEMA;

I hope the Lamu Coal plant passes no.1 test above, else, it must wait till it passes that test. I believe it passes nos 2-4. Therefore, if no.1 is true, the project should start right away. There are millions of Kenyan youth waiting in the wings to score jobs that are dependent on quick completion of that project.

If Kenya government were to be guided by foreign-funded NGOs and the “independent” press, nothing would ever get done in Kenya.

If I was working for a Kenyan NGO or for a Kenyan “independent” media, there is no way I would support the plant, since that would be the beginning of the end of my professional career.

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