Charles Kinuthia & Rwanda Justice: Lessons For Kenya

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Charles Kinuthia & Rwanda Justice: Lessons For Kenya

Post by kito » Sat Sep 21, 2019 12:05 pm

The Kenyan conman (Dr!) Charles Kinuthia forgot that Rwanda is not Kenya. When he took his scamming business there, he was arrested, and within a couple of months, had been sent to prison.

“A court in Kigali has sentenced a Kenyan to two years in prison and fined him Rwf3 million ($3,254) for defrauding Rwandans. Mr Charles Kinuthia was found guilty of soliciting money from hundreds of Rwandans to attend his “Wealth Conference” in the capital in May 2019…

“The court acquitted his co-accused – Kenyans Vivian Khisa Mukhwana and Rachel Matipei, and Rwandan Mohamed Niyonkuru – who were all arrested in May at the conference.” ... index.html

“Charles Kinuthia, the Kenyan man who was this week convicted by a Kigali court of fleecing Rwandans, describes himself as an “accomplished and distinguished” chief executive officer of a “new national franchise company”, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, leadership trainer, educator and mentor.”

A detailed account of Charles Kinuthia’s scams.

If the fraud had happened in Kenya, his lawyer would most likely had found a way to delay the trial, and very probably, he would eventually walk free.

In the spirit of EAC cooperation, Kenya government should formally request Rwanda government to allow Kenya to send 5 corruption cases per year to Kigali for trial in Rwandese courts.
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