Lamu Port Development: The Security Angle

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Lamu Port Development: The Security Angle

Post by Awam » Mon Apr 15, 2019 5:04 am

The Lamu port and associated infrastructure including roads, pipeline, rail and airports (The LAPSSET Corridor Program) is the most important development project in Kenya history. If all goes according to plan, the project will open up the most poor regions in Kenya, and thus greatly improve standard of living of the locals.

According to the official website, Lamu Port Project, will have 32 Deep Sea Berths estimated to cost US$ 5 Billion:
1. The 1st 3 Berths will be fully financed by the Government of Kenya.
2. The remaining 29 Berths will be financed by Private Sector Investors.

Recently, I read that a South African company will develop the next 3 berths at the port. This would be a tragedy of immeasurable proportions. It is obvious that it will not be the black or white South Africans calling the shots here, but it will be (((them))).

We are living in extremely dangerous times. If I were responsible for Kenya security, I would make the following rules to be followed regarding development projects by the National government, as a matter of national security(as long as the Global Deep State remains powerful):

1. Projects in Lamu County: The only companies allowed to develop projects in Lamu will strictly be either Kenyan, Chinese or Japanese.
2. Projects in Kilifi, Tana River, Garissa, Wajir, Mandera, Marsabit, Turkana Counties: All companies that are not Kenyan, Chinese or Japanese must be vetted by NIS before commencing work. NIS will only allow companies that have no single (((deep state figure))) in their management.

Failure to follow these guidelines will mean all the work to develop LAPSSET and other major projects in Kenya will amount to zero. Remember the Israeli company that said they will develop Galana/Kulalu agricultural project, wasted Kenya’s time and money, then left Kenya in the lurch?

That is what would happen if serious security guidelines are not followed regarding the developments around LAPSSET.

And the same people behind the failure of the project will use their global media/social media monopoly to incite Kenyans to rise up because their money was allegedly wasted on an incomplete white elephant, inspired by corruption.

This would lead to a civil war, followed by the installation of the global mafia’s puppet to become president.

NB: There is no discrimination here. If a company with (((them))) in management wants to work in Kenya, fine. They cannot work on the Lamu - Garissa - Isiolo road, but they can work on the proposed Nairobi - Mau Summit - Malaba road. Why would that be a problem if they do not have any sinister agenda?

If a company with (((them))) in management wants to build an airport in Kenya, fine. They cannot build Lamu or Mandera airports, but they are welcome to build an airport in Nakuru or Kakamega. Why would that be a problem if they do not have any sinister agenda?

If a company with (((them))) in management want to build a port in Kenya, fine. They cannot build a port in Kilifi, Tana River or Lamu, but they are welcome to build a port in Kisumu or Busia. Why would that be a problem if they do not have any sinister agenda?

NOTE: If you study the online chatter of busybodies fronted by the (((global mafia))) as Kenyan opinion leaders on social media, you will notice that they are all against LAPSSET. That gives a hint about the opinion of their masters regarding the project.

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Lamu Port Development: The Security Angle

Post by Awam » Sat Apr 20, 2019 10:19 am

Most people may not understand how the Global Mafia working on a project has any effect on the security situation. It is therefore necessary to give a glimpse of how the mafia works.

If the company granted tender to build the Lamu port berths is controlled by the Global Mafia, or the mafia have their personnel embedded in the company, then the following may happen:

The company will be dealing with all sorts of local subcontractors/businesses eg. a business to supply food to the workers.

Now, the recent developments in technology - internet, computers, smartphones - have given the mafia extraordinary advantages over everyone else. They know everything about us. You want to travel from Nairobi to Mombasa?

You will most likely do certain things online before you travel e.g. use Google to find out about best accommodation, restaurants, flights, buses etc. You probably also discuss the trip with your friends on social media.

All these details about you are accessible to the mafia. They know about your religious views. Your political views. Your likes and dislikes…

Back to the construction company. When it comes to giving out tenders to locals, the mafia will hand them to the people who have the most extremist opinions; the people that, if they had the chance, they could really destabilise the country.

The mafia aims to make these type of people rich and influential. By the time the construction project is completed (or rather, when they finally abandon the project), that region would be teaming with terrorists hijacking vehicles at will and killing people they view as a threat to their interests.

And there would be no way of associating the rise in criminal activity in the region to the construction company, because even the local people the company has helped to become rich and therefore have the ability to form a successful militia, do not know that.

They believe they are very good businessmen, that is why they were handed the lucrative tenders by the company.

The Global Mafia have not gone to the top of the food chain globally by being stupid. They help you have resources to commit criminal activities without you knowing about it.

Therefore, there is no way the destabilisation can be linked to the mafia.

A simpler way to understand how the Global Mafia operates is to think of them as a group of people who, when they go to a country, they uplift the status of the most despicable people in the country - the killers, the sadists etc.

The only way to ensure the mafia do not destabilise the country, is to make sure they are not allowed to work in certain sensitive areas.

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