Jews Are Geniuses

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Jews Are Geniuses

Post by vlad13 » Wed Dec 26, 2018 3:33 am

Although Jews could have started their own global TV news network like CNN, they preferred the shortcut of buying the popular and trusted CNN from the Gentile(non-Jew) owner, Ted Turner.

After Jews bought CNN from Turner, they slowly started mixing Jewish-sanctioned propaganda with real news, slowly brainwashing millions of people globally. Even today when many people know CNN peddles FAKE NEWS, there are still millions of people who take what they see on CNN as facts.

Of course, there are people who do not believe fully what they watch on CNN. They will go to BBC(also Jewish-controlled), to confirm. Afterwards, they may also want to get the final word on the matter by reading about it on Wikipedia(also Jewish-controlled).

READ: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=19886/ && &&

NOTE: Get PDF version of this story here: or viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1/

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Understanding Jewish Genius

Post by inquiry3 » Fri Feb 22, 2019 6:32 am

One day, I was perusing one of the top African American sites when I decided to check about who owns it. I found that it had been quietly bought by some “Venture Fund”, which basically means it is owned by Jews.

Most likely, most users of that site do not know that, especially since the editors and other personnel running the site remained the same before and after the buyout.

As any non-Jew who knows about Jewish tricks will tell you, the buyout had nothing to do with business. It is all about Jews deciding what is good or bad for users of that site.

So, how would they manage to dictate the policies and ideologies of that website, yet the management remains the same?

I would bet my right hand that once the Jews bought that site, they took control of its servers and IT section. They therefore get to access messages before they reach the recipient, including editors, and only let messages pass that are in line with the Jewish agenda.

This is something they would do without anyone noticing, and without raising any suspicion. So, while everyone thinks the website gives the ‘Black’ opinion on issues, the reality is that it provides the Jewish-sanctioned opinion on issues.

Also, the elite Jews have the resources to have people write kosher opinions that they will let pass on to the African-American editors, where they would be okayed for publication since Jewish agenda is done in such a subtle way that only people who know about this Jewish trick would ever notice the racket.

Buying Popular Websites

The Jewish elite would never, ever let a popular and influential website to remain in Gentile hands. They would offer the owner above market price to buy it. If its worth $10k, and they offer you $200k and you refuse to sell, then they would dig for information why you don’t want to sell.

If you are refusing to sell because of sentimental reasons, then they would simply sabotage it, and it will collapse.

If, on the other hand you are refusing to sell because you believe Jews shouldn’t own all popular websites ie you understand Jewish cunning, then they will make sure you go down, somehow.

You could be found with child p0rn in your hand drive, you could die from natural causes, even though your health was perfect only a few weeks earlier, you could commit suicide…

How Jews Make Sure Gentiles Can Never Unite

The supremacist Jewish elite not only understand the significance of stereotypes, but actively work toward making sure the stereotypes are perpetual.

I remember years ago in Kenya, I was reading a newspaper article about a certain Jewish lady living in Kenya. The lady emphasised how Whites were evil, how they colonised Kenya and other African countries etc.

According to the article, the Kenyan writer was confused about the lady’s comments, and asked her why she categorised her people as evil. She insisted that she wasn’t White, she was Jewish, and Jews were very different from Whites.

She stated that the only reason they appeared White was because they had lived in Europe for long.

Like many other Kenyans who read that article, I didn’t understand what she was talking about. But now, many years later, I understand perfectly what she was going on about.

When Jews are with Whites, they like to show them the primitivity of Blacks. And when they are with Blacks, they like to tell them about the evil of Whites. They usually do this indirectly, as long as the message is passed.

Their total domination of search engines, domain registration companies, web hosts…their total domination of the internet ensures that they can hide information that exposes their cunning ways, and promote ideas that bring conflict and suspicion between non-Jews.

If Blacks have a website where they discuss Black issues, Jews also participate as Blacks, discuss less about Black culture, and more about the “evil Whites targeting Blacks for destruction”

If Whites have a website where they discuss White issues, Jews also participate as Whites, discuss less about White culture, and more about the “primitive races”.

Jews have pushed for the criminalisation of discussing Jewish criminal behaviour in many countries around the world. And in the countries where it is not expressly illegal to highlight Jewish terrorism, the Jews, through their domination of media and finance, make it a career-ender to discuss Jews, unless you are praising them.

This ensures that people talk about peripheral issues and avoid talking about the biggest problem to ever confront mankind - Jewish Supremacism.

Only a genius can execute such a plot.

In Africa, Jews manipulate social media to promote suspicion and hate among different tribes. The result is that, from time to time, there occurs tribal conflicts in different African countries. Jewish media is always on hand to broadcast these conflicts to the world, thus “proving” to the doubters that, indeed, Africans are primitive.

Bretton Woods Institutions

Jews use the World Bank and the IMF to push for policies that increase poverty in poor countries - mostly in Africa. The result is that the stereotype of Sub-Saharan Africans as a people who cannot think to save themselves is maintained.

Therefore, many Whites who know about Jewish Supremacism target both Jews and Blacks for attack, and the Jew fights back hard, claiming to be protecting Blacks.

Unfortunately, not many Blacks know about Jewish Supremacism, because they can’t tell the difference between a Jew and a White. So, if a Black person is conned by a Jew, he thinks he has been conned by a White.

Furthermore, if a Jew commits a crime, the Jewish media says a White person has committed the crime.

Of course, if a Jew “wins” a Nobel, the Jewish media will remind everyone about his Jewish identity.

Another advantage Jewish elite have is that they also dominate news wire services like Reuters, AP, AFP etc. A Kenyan news media may write a story about Nigeria, but the story would be sourced from one of the Jewish-owned wire services.

This happens throughout the world, whereby the news people read about other countries are usually Jewish-sanctioned news.

Why is No One Confronting the Issue of Jewish Supremacism?

There are people exposing the evil of Jewish Supremacism, though you most likely have never heard about them.

Like stated above, Jews are geniuses.

Therefore, they are clever enough to also tell you who is an “antiSemite” ie person who is supposed to be fighting Jewish Supremacism. But, unbeknown to most people, if Jews use their media to paint you as an antisemite, it means they don’t consider you as a serious threat to their interests.

If Jews consider you a serious threat to their interests, they don’t write about it. They give you media BLACKOUT, and also force everyone else to give you zero exposure.

There is a certain American gentleman who understands Jewish Supremacism perfectly. As a result, the media has given him a total blackout.

In 2018, he decided to pull powerful stunts in public places so he could appear in the news(so people could look him up online, know about his website, and get his message). No media reported about the stunts. He even went to a major Jewish museum carrying a placard implicating Jews in serious crime. No media reported about it.

He pulled a major stunt at the centre of a big US university, witnessed by hundreds of people. No media reported about it.

He could hijack a plane, and no media would report it.

He has been kicked out of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. He was expelled from GAB…That is why he is known by probably less than 100k people.

If Bin Laden was alive, and Jewish Supremacists were asked to choose who should be pardoned between him and the American mentioned above, it would be a no-brainer to them - they would select Bin Laden to be pardoned.

Therefore, it is not that there are no people confronting Jewish Supremacism, it is that the Jewish Supremacists have used their infinite resources to make sure the matter remains hidden from the general public.

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Jews Are Geniuses

Post by SunZhu11 » Sat Feb 23, 2019 7:08 am

A few years ago in Germany, an extreme far right political party was formed. Far right generally signifies opposition to immigration, opposition to Jewish Supremacism etc. In Germany, antisemitism is a very serious crime. Therefore, this party could not expressly declare that they didn’t want any Jews to become members since that was illegal.

Anyway, Jews also joined the party. This means that, if people were looking for a political party that did not have Jews, then they wouldn’t find any. Therefore, there are many people in Germany who know about the Jewish Supremacism problem, but they cannot express themselves or start a political party to push for their interests.

Generally speaking, almost all Jews could be classified as “Liberals”. In the West, there are political parties that are classified as Liberal eg Democrats in US and Labour in UK. So, it would be expected that almost all Jews would join these parties.

However, the reality is that many Jews claim not to be Liberals, and join parties that are “Conservative” eg Republicans in US and Conservatives in UK. This makes sure that Jews are represented in all the major parties.

Jews are not known for having strong family values. But if you form a political party based on strong family values, Jews will want in, claiming they also like strong family values.

Jews have pressed many countries to make it illegal to talk about Jewish unique wickedness.

You are allowed to talk about Zionism(support of modern Israel). If you are a Zionist, then you are in the company of Benjamin Netanyahu. If you are against Zionism, then you are in the company of another Jew, George Soros.

Summary: Whatever organisation you start, Jews will join. Therefore, the only way to expressly exclude Jews from an organisation, is to state openly that Jews are prohibited.

Coincidentally, in many Western countries, it is illegal to expressly exclude Jews from functions/businesses.

Therefore, many people know about the Jewish Supremacism problem, but they can’t do nothing about it.

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Jews Are Geniuses

Post by dbrg3 » Tue Feb 26, 2019 1:21 pm

dickberg.jpeg (43.73 KiB) Viewed 29415 times
In 1987, Kenya hosted the All Africa games. Before the games, an American came along and somehow got a contract to promote the games internationally. That was before the internet. Anyway, he disappeared with Kenya government money, the equivalent of anything between US$ 5-20 million in today’s money.
(Sports promoter Dick Berg dies at 74(Died in 2018): ... 774956.php)

Kenyans only knew that a rich, heartless White man from the richest country in the world had defrauded Kenya, one of the poorest countries in the world. But the fact was that Berg was a Jew.

No wonder Jews have such a good reputation in Africa(non-Muslim majority countries). Not surprising that in many countries, it is illegal to identify a person accused of committing evil as a Jew, even if the person is actually a Jew.

And since when a Jewish person does something good(for show), his Jewishness is broadcast, most people tend to believe Jews are very nice people.

Breitbart News is considered to be Right Wing, while CNN is considered to be Left Wing. Both also happen to be owned by Jews. Both news sites also do not accept any criticism of Jews, but accept praise of Jews.

If you depended on Breitbart as your ONLY source of news for a month, you will be left having a negative attitude towards Blacks and Muslims.

If you depended on CNN as your ONLY source of news for a month, you will be left having a negative attitude towards Whites.

In both cases, Jews emerge unscathed.

Around the time of the last US election(late 2016 - early 2017), Breitbart became very famous and popular. It also had a very active comment section. Most readers of Breitbart were/are supporters of Donald Trump, and the site itself also supported Mr Trump(still claims to support him).

During that period, right before and after the election, anyone who read the very vibrant comments section not only got invaluable information about the state of US politics, but also got an uncensured glimpse into the unusual and self-serving behaviour of Jews.

When Mr Trump won, the commenters were ecstatic. They were especially excited that now Trump would implement what they had elected him to do:
-build a wall
-build economy
-America first
-No foreign wars etc.

However, there were other commenters(maybe around 1 in 10) who exclaimed their joy that Trump would now “put Iran on notice”, “liberate Syria” etc. From the debates, I came to realise that this latter group were all Jews.

The difference between what the non-Jews wanted done to make them happy, and what the Jews wanted done to make them happy couldn’t have been more stark.

The Jews wanted US to attack Iran, and overthrow Syria government. That would automatically send millions more refugees into Europe. And considering the situation in Europe at the moment, such an event would have devastating consequences.

But Jews do not look at things that way. All that matters to them is that Jews gain. Consequences be damned.

Something else I learnt from Breitbart: It goes without saying that at least 9 in 10 of Jews who commented publicly on msm, Twitter, Facebook etc about the presidential candidates, was anti-Trump.

However, at Breitbart, every Jew declared their surprise that anyone would think Jews did not vote for Trump. All the Jews on that site, without exception, claimed that they voted for Trump, and that all their Jewish neighbours and associates also voted for Trump.

Since a Jew can also seem(or claim) to be White, Black, Arab etc. Jews can give any stats about themselves that serve their interests.

Masters of Deception

It is claimed that about 30% of Jews voted for Trump. That is, of course, a very BIG LIE.

Consider public pronouncements of Jews, donations, and also how Jews have been fighting Trump since day one. It is very likely that less than 1% of Jews voted for Mr Trump.

Which is interesting considering that President Trump has always been close to jews, and has allowed them into his family. Mr Trump has also done everything to make them happy, but they still want him out of office.

Jews are masters of deception. Near the US embassy in Jerusalem, there are huge posters praising Mr Trump. And there are many prominent Jews who praise Mr Trump eg Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and various Right Wing Jews.

However, when it comes to where it matters, eg in Congress and Senate, ALL Jews, without exception, are anti-Trump. Also, ALL senior Jews in government, without exception, work to undermine Mr Trump eg Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Reason Jews don’t like Trump? For Jews to like you, you must satisfy one or both of the following conditions:
1. Have a dirty secret that they know about you, so they can use it as leverage when necessary.
2. Be completely dependent on Jewish money and/or political influence.

For many years, Jews have used their money and media to push into prominence people who possess the 2 characteristics. This has enabled them to have unparalleled influence in the world.

Jews are Geniuses.

Free Vanunu
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Jews Are Geniuses

Post by Free Vanunu » Sat Mar 02, 2019 5:51 am

“After 18 years in Israel prison, and 15 years more in Israel big state prison,33 years they continue to claim that Vanunu still have Nuclear secrets.”

If Mordechai Vanunu was a Russian or Chinese, there would be SaveVanunu hashtags retweeted by famous people, human rights organisations around the world would be demanding he be allowed to leave the country, his suffering would be discussed in UN, he could even have Nobel Peace Prize by now.

On paper, Vanunu is not in jail, but in fact, he is still in jail. He is followed by Israeli secret police everywhere. His phone, computer and any other communication tools he has are all bugged.

He cannot go anywhere near an airport or sea port, or border…

The question is, why does Israel torture Vanunu, and why do other Jews support the torture?

It is because Mr Vanunu is an honest Jew. This gives an idea about other Jews honesty, or lack thereof.

The success of Jewish Supremacism depends heavily on all Jews lying so as to protect their Supremacy. Being a Jew is similar to belonging in a cult. If you leave the cult, you pose a threat to other members because they fear you might expose their crimes or perversions or both.

Example: There are Jewish holy books, written in Hebrew or some other Jewish languages. Jews have made English translations of these books, and according to Jews who have left the cult, the translators deliberately mistranslate passages that Jews believe would make non-Jews view them negatively.

Therefore, Jews do not refuse to let Mr Vanunu have his freedom because of anything to do with nuclear secrets. It has to do with their fear that he may tell about their secrets that would make the non-Jews view them negatively.

Mr Vanunu is a hero. Very few Jews ever leave the cult, maybe less than 100 have done so in the past 100 years.

Proof that someone has left the cult is when that person exposes the cult’s secrets. This therefore excludes Jews who claim to have become Christians, yet do not expose the cult’s evil secrets.

Leaving the Jewish cult has very painful consequences, as the Vanunu case shows.

Free Vanunu
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Jews Are Geniuses

Post by Free Vanunu » Sat Mar 02, 2019 10:26 am

Jews are masters of deception. This trait has served them so well, and propelled them to the top of the food chain globally.

There are many beliefs people hold about Jews that are not true at all. For instance almost all Gentiles in the world believe that:
1. Jews and Muslims are mortal enemies.
2. Jews like Christians more than they like other groups of people.

The above assumptions, though believed to be true by billions of people, are actually not true at all.

Many people also believe Jews hate/mistreat Palestinians because of who they are ie Arabs and majority Muslims. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Jews would equally hate/mistreat Palestinians even if they were 100% Christians or white or black. The motive behind Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is that Jews want to grab all that land for themselves.

Many Muslims hate Jews because of the latter’s mistreatment of Palestinians. But the feeling is not mutual.

On the surface, Jews also like showing how they hate Muslims, but in fact, Jews consider Muslims to be their no. 1 allies. If anyone thinks this is not possible, then they know nothing about Jewish cunning.

In fact, if a Jew living in the USA works as a senior immigration official, and knows about 2 people who want to immigrate to the US, and he is only allowed to issue 1 with green card, and the 2 fellows are:
-al-Baghdadi, the ISIS caliph(if alive), or another senior ISIS or al Qaeda figure, and
- a Zambian or Swedish Christian;

The Jew would automatically grant the visa to al-Baghdadi and deny the Christian.

But because no one would expect a Jew to do that, when he lets in al-Baghdadi, everyone will assume the latter must be a very good person(since, of course, he will use an alias, though the Jew knows his real id).

Jews consider Christians to be their no.1 enemy. Yet, billions of people in the world believe the opposite is true.

What is interesting is that these facts above can easily be proved by a simple online search. This shows that if you control the means of communication, you can make the people believe anything. That is why Jews would kill you if you are Jew-wise and started a media company that is truly independent of the jew.

A better way to explain how Jews manage these tricks is to say that while Gentiles play 2D chess, Jews play 4D chess. Masters of deception.

The most important thing Jews consider when dealing with Gentiles is the Jewish interests. That is why you can hate them, yet they like you. And you can like them, yet they hate you.

Jews believe Whites are more of a threat to their interests than any other group of people. This is probably because Whites are more likely to identify a Jew than anybody else(because of their background in Europe).

Jews hate Blacks the 2nd most. In a place like the US, Jews generally back Blacks against Whites. So, many Whites think that Jews love Blacks, which, of course, is not the case.

The reason why most people do not understand Jewish cunning is because they have no clue about Jews’ real motives.

Jewish Motives

If you tell anyone that Jews are different, or believe they are special, the person might not think that is a big deal. All people are different anyway. But Jews being different is, well, different.

It is not like the difference between Chinese and Japanese, or between White people and Black people.

To understand Jews, one needs to understand what they think is the difference between them and non-Jews(Gentiles).

Jews believe the difference between them and Gentiles is like that between humans and other animals eg difference between a man and a dog.

To understand where Jews are coming from, imagine if there were dogs that existed in human form, and these dogs ruled over you. How would you feel?

You know very well it is against nature for a dog to be your president or Prime Minister, or MP, or…

If you were a human being living in such a world, you would feel compelled to do anything you could to overthrow the human-looking dogs ruling over you. There would be many secrets kept by humans, many plots against the ruling dogs, and no human would ever leak that info.

Humans would do anything and everything to try and return the world to “normal”. They would believe that is what God wants. No human would ever have doubts about that. Strategising against the dog-rulers would be seen as Godly. No sane human would dispute that.

That is how Jews feel about Gentiles. They truly believe it is against nature for Jews to be equal to Gentiles. They believe that their god wants them to be rulers, and Gentiles be their slaves. The world as it is currently is against nature, according to them.

To achieve victory against Gentiles, Jews have done, and continue to do, things that no Gentile would do.

For instance, a Gentile spy would most likely not accept to marry a person their government is interested in. And even in the extremely rare occasion that would happen, they would never agree to start a family with that person, as part of the job.

Jews, on the other hand, think in terms of generations. A Jew will marry a targeted Gentile and even have children with the Gentile, even if they don’t love them, as part of the larger Jewish plot to finally overthrow the Gentile.

Taking one for the team, so to speak.

This gives the Jew a tremendous advantage over the Gentile.

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Jewish Psy Ops

Post by Q70 » Sun Mar 03, 2019 2:32 pm

Jewish psy ops are on another level. If gentiles conjure up 2D psy ops, jews conjure up 6D psy ops.

I believe that the reason why Jews have managed to create parallel governments(deep state) in so many countries is because they use high level tactics, above the level of entities who are supposed to prevent that from happening.


The best example of Jewish genius is the QANON psy ops.

There are probably millions of people who still believe “Q” is authentic. So, why am I so certain that the “Q” phenomenon is a cunning Jewish racket?

First, it is important to understand why so many people believe(or believed) that QANON is/was authentic. It is because “Q” is supposed to know details that only a person with very high security clearance would know.

That may well be the case. But that does not in any way make “Q” not to be pushing Jewish psy ops.

This is the reason I believe QANON is psy ops:

I am personally shadow banned on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Gab etc.(though tests show I am not shadow banned, meaning my case is probably handled manually).

I also thought “Q” was genuine, and posted an article on Twitter about it.

Unlike my other tweets, this one’s metrics were “normal”. Unlike hundreds of my other tweets, the QANON tweet was not sabotaged in any way, and continued to have likes even after several days.

This meant that the Jewish elite not only did not feel threatened by the tweet, but they actually encouraged its success.

In other words, the Jewish elite are pro-QANON. Therefore, QANON couldn’t be about taking down the DEEP STATE, since the DEEP STATE is run by Jewish elite.

Not surprising then that QANON has been promising the “believers” about high level DEEP STATE arrests for 2 years now, yet nothing ever happens, because it is meant to keep people busy with phantom promises so they don’t sit down and face the elephant in the room - Jewish Supremacism.

CNN, The Guardian and other msm have all written about QANON. That automatically qualifies it as a psy op.

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Jewish Supremacism

Post by Q70 » Tue Mar 05, 2019 11:45 am

This happened in Manhattan, New York, United States of America recently.

Thousands of people witnessed the stunt, but no media in the US, or anywhere else in the world dared report it.

Reason of the media blackout? (((They))) don’t want people to know about the guy.

Many people know about Jewish supremacism, but very, very few know about Jewish cunning. This guy understands Jewish cunning, hence the blackout. The media blackout is not because of the posters he is carrying, it is because they cannot risk writing about him because people will find out about his exposure of Jewish cunning.

When media reports X is an antisemite/nazi, it means Jews believe the person:

1. knows about Jewish supremacism, and
2. does not understand Jewish cunning.

Even if Jews believe someone is an antisemite, if they also believe the person understands Jewish cunning, they will give him a media blackout, and make sure other media companies follow suit.

Anyone can do the following experiment to confirm what I am saying:

1. You need to have access to an active website, with at least 500 unique visitors per day.

2. Find out the name of the gentleman and write a story about him, including a photo of one of his stunts, like the one here.

3. Post the article online.

4. Check the behaviour of that url.

That’s when you will realise Jewish elite run the internet with an iron fist.

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Jewish Supremacism: The Hopping World

Post by Q70 » Thu Mar 07, 2019 9:33 am

In the post above, what did the people who witnessed the “antisemitic” stunt do next?

Most likely, they whipped out their phones, started recording what was going on, and shared it with their online friends. Maybe some also contacted media companies and reported about the stuntman.

If the number of people who witnessed the stunt were in the hundreds, then the number of people who got to know about it is most likely in the thousands. It is possible that many of these people went on to search for news articles about the incident, and all hit blanks.

If the Jewish elite can make an incident that happened in broad daylight, at the centre of the most famous city in the world disappear from peoples’ consciousness by blocking any reporting about it, what else have the Jewish elite done and made the people believe it never happened?

Conversely, using their total control of means of communication, what falsehoods have the Jewish Supremacists made people to believe as true?

Understanding Jewish Supremacists’ ∞D Chess

Jews owe their extraordinary success to the fact that they do things very differently to the Gentile.

For instance, if a Gentile is an engineer and desperately wants to be featured in the most respected engineering journal in the world, he will work hard on his engineering project, hoping that it will catch the eyes of the engineering journal editors.

Jews do not think like that.

If a Jew is an engineer and desperately wants to be featured in the most respected engineering journal in the world, he will will find a way he or his Jewish allies can have control of that journal. After they take control of the journal, everything else will fall into place.

The Hopping World

If Jewish Supremacism is left unchecked, the following story could become reality.

According to the Talmud, Goyim are supposed to be slaves of Jews. To attain this promised utopia, Jews decide to introduce the Hopping World revolution.

Jews use their unlimited financial muscle, strong-arm tactics including blackmail and murder, and finally succeed in taking control of all reputable medical journals globally.

Somewhere in one of the most sophisticated labs in the world, Jewish medical scientists and several brainwashed Gentile scientists come up with the discovery of the millennium: That hopping on one leg lowers the risk of getting cancer and heart disease, and increases life expectancy at the rate of 1 day per 100 hops.

The most respected medical journals all report this greatest medical breakthrough in at least 1,000 years, if not ever. The Jewish-owned media report about this medical miracle 24/7.

Jews use their control of social media to ensure its all one-sided discussion about the breakthrough - the most popular debate on social media would be about whether the breakthrough is the best ever or 2nd best ever.

Dissenters would be shadow banned.

Because of being bombarded continuously about the medical miracle, most people globally will believe it. Some medical researchers will dissent, but they will be “taken care of” quickly before their opinions spread.

Jewish Supremacists will use their total control of communication tools to find out about any scientists planning to present research disproving the Hopping Miracle, before they publish their findings.

Some of the scientists will die - from accidents, sudden heart attacks, suicide or even murder during botched robberies. Some could end up in Jewish-run mental asylums.

Once the challenges from the science world are neutralised, it would then be time to spread the message about the joy of the hop.

A Happy Hopping World

On TV stations, the news readers would be approaching the desk hopping on one leg and smiling from ear to ear. Celebrities would be sharing videos of themselves hopping around the house.

There would be Miss Hopping World beauty pageant where participants would be standing and hopping around on one leg.

There would be Hopping versions of all the popular sports, and eventually, the Hopping versions would become more popular than the regular versions.

Many companies would begin manufacturing hopping aids to help in balancing when one is hopping around on one leg. They will also make elastic bands to tie up lower leg with the thigh on the non-hopping leg.

Politicians would be hopping from their cars to the podium to address their supporters.

During political campaigns, politicians would approach the dais hopping on one leg, helped by top-of-the-range hopping aids. If a politician, either due to scepticism or personal reasons, decides to walk on his 2 feet to the dais, he would be ridiculed and his political career would come to an undignified end.

Jewish politicians would be the first to embrace the hopping revolution. In particular, one Jewish politician would be called the Pioneer of the Hopping Revolution. He would be praised endlessly by the Jewish-owned media.

With people so carried away by the Hopping Revolution, the Jewish “Pioneer Hopper” would win elections for President of the most powerful country in the world.

He would then start implementing the Talmud teaching of making the Gentile the slave of the Jew globally.

By the time the Gentile wakes up from the Hopping hysteria, they would already be enslaved by the cunning Jew Supremacist.

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Jews Are Geniuses

Post by Ilyich » Sat Mar 09, 2019 6:19 am

JEWISH Florida Democrat Rep. Ted Deutch asked the following rhetorical questions while demanding Congress pass a resolution condemning anti-Semitism:

1. Jews control the world?
2. Jews care only about money?
3. Jews have dual loyalty and can’t be patriotic members of the country which they live?

Maybe “Understanding Jews” should be a compulsory subject for all Gentile children in school.

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Jews Are Geniuses

Post by Ilyich » Wed Mar 27, 2019 1:15 pm


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Jews Are Geniuses

Post by nom » Mon Apr 08, 2019 12:41 pm

“When Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, visited the 2019 AIPAC(American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Conference in Washington, DC, he must have been very happy. The US, in opposition to the rest of the world, recognized the Golan Heights as part of Israel.

Head of the House Republicans Kevin McCarthy, Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer, Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States of America, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, Nikki Haley, Former US Ambassador to the UN and many other US leaders came to declare loyalty to Israel and the Jews.

For all the talk about Russian collusion in the US, the Jewish-Israeli collusion in the US is the biggest you will ever see. And it is out in the open for everyone to see.” ... er/ri26713

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