South African Xenophobic Attacks - The Real Villains

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South African Xenophobic Attacks - The Real Villains

Post by jasho » Fri Sep 06, 2019 1:27 am

The South Africans attacking Africans from other countries living in the country, are targeting the wrong people. They may have genuine reasons to feel resentful towards other Africans for “dominating” businesses in the townships, and also for allegedly stealing their jobs, but the real culprits are the South African politicians.

If South African politicians wanted to limit the number of foreigners getting employed in the country, they would simply have enacted laws to prevent that.

Nothing is preventing South African politicians from enacting laws to limit or ban foreigners from running businesses in the townships. Why haven’t they done that?

I recently watched a video where a senior South African official was complaining about presence of “too many (African) foreigners” in certain towns in the country. My view regarding that is:
1. South Africa, like any other country, has the right to limit the number of foreigners living or visiting the country. However, the right forum to talk about that is not in the press, because there are some locals who may interpret that statement as giving them the green light to attack foreigners, and loot their businesses.

2. South African MPs need to discuss this matter in parliament, with a view to coming up with lasting solution to xenophobia and violence against foreign nationals in the townships.

Condemning the violence is not enough. What is needed is to come up wit a lasting solution to the problem.

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