How BBI Can Save Kenya From Disaster

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How BBI Can Save Kenya From Disaster

Post by tana » Thu Jul 02, 2020 9:21 am

Some people claim that BBI is not needed, that there are more pressing issues in Kenya. Those who say that are very wrong. BBI is so crucial that, if Covid-19 makes it impossible to vote physically for the referendum, then Kenyans would rather vote for it by phone.

If BBI changes to the Constitution can be done through parliament, then all the better.

Nothing is more important in Kenya than saving the country from collapsing, that is what BBI is meant to do.

There are many issues proposed regarding BBI in this thread, however, the most crucial recommendation is the one that will thwart all Anti-Kenya plots. This particular recommendation will destroy all anti-Kenya plots because the anti-Kenya forces, both local and external, never expected it.

The Recommendations That Will Destroy All Anti-Kenya Plots in A Single Stroke

1. County Governors can be elected for a maximum of 3 terms (from the current 2). Therefore, a person can serve a maximum of 15 years as governor (from current 10). Of course, if the residents of the county don’t want a governor to serve 2 or 3 terms, they won’t re-elect him/her.

2. Prime Minister (PM), elected by parliament, with at least 50% + 1 of the MPs voting for him/her. Therefore, the PM will be a member of the majority party or majority coalition in parliament.

PM cannot be sacked by the president; can only be sacked by MPs. If BBI constitution referendum passes, then current parliament would be expected to vote for PM within 21 days.

3. 2 Deputy Prime Ministers (DPM), elected by parliament, with at least 50% + 1 of the MPs voting for him/her. DPM cannot be sacked by the president; can only be sacked by MPs. Timeline for election of new DPMs as above for PM.

4. Deputy President is the running mate of the president during elections. Can be sacked by the president.

If BBI constitution referendum passes, this amendment becomes effective immediately, meaning that the current Deputy President can be sacked by the President.

5. President will remain CEO of Kenya, elected directly by voters, after every 5 years. The president can be elected for a maximum of 3 terms (from the current 2). Impeachment process of president remains as it is currently.

SOURCE: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17777

NOTE: Get PDF version of this story here: or viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1/

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How BBI Can Save Kenya From Disaster

Post by tana » Sun Jul 05, 2020 7:00 am

If BBI is about saving Kenya from getting destroyed by bad politics and uncontrollable corruption, then the constitution changes it will recommend must be informed by the current state of Kenya, not wishful thinking.

Because of reasons explained in many threads here, including Why DP Ruto is Busy Campaigning 24/7, Tangatanga, Kieleweke: Who Will Emerge Victorious, Kenyan Search Engine, and KBC & Microblogging , if Kenyans are not careful, then the most corrupt Kenyan in history - Deputy President William Ruto - will win presidency in 2022.

This would lead to the complete destruction of Kenya.

The-People-Who-Control-Internet-Globally want Ruto to become the next President. And as explained in the linked threads above, they have inundated Mt Kenya people with continuous pro-Ruto and anti-Raila/anti-Uhuru propaganda.

Ruto is therefore guaranteed at least 70% of Mt Kenya vote, unless President Uhuru Kenyatta is on the ballot.

If Uhuru is not on the ballot, it does not matter who he will support and campaign for president. Whoever that person is, whether it is Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, or even Governors Mutua or Kibwana, Ruto will get 70%+ Mt Kenya vote, plus 90%+ in Rift Valley.

That will be like 40% of the national vote. He would only need 30% in Western Counties, plus a few votes in the rest of Kenya, and he will have more than 50% of the National vote - regardless of who his main opponent is, unless that person is Uhuru.

If it is Uhuru Vs Ruto, then Uhuru will get 90%+ in Mt Kenya region. With his allies bringing in significant votes from their regions, Uhuru-led coalition would win first round by more than 60% of the vote.


1. Uhuru being on the ballot, he denies Ruto the much-needed Mt Kenya vote.

How is this possible, yet when Uhuru supports another candidate, that candidate does not get the Mt Kenya vote? Because the propaganda that has been spread in Central Kenya by The-People-Who-Control-The-Internet-Globally did not consider Uhuru running for a third term.

For instance, when Uhuru and Raila had their famous handshake, they both said they want to help Kenya have stability, so economy can thrive. This was after Ruto had rigged in many MPs who were only loyal to him, and were blackmailing the president.

But the propaganda spread in Mt Kenya was that Uhuru had backstabbed Ruto, “who was loyal to him”…and Raila’s interest was only to get Uhuru’s support in 2022…

Reality is that Ruto was/is not loyal to Uhuru. In fact he has stolen so much public money - through the proxies he placed in various GoK Departments - that Kenyans had started noticing the economy was not doing as well as was expected. The-People-Who-Control-The-Internet-Globally spread propaganda that it was Uhuru’s “bad policies” that were causing economic problems, yet the economy was being sabotaged by Ruto.

Anyway, the propaganda that main aim of Uhuru handshake with Raila, was to support him instead of Ruto in 2022, would not work, when he - Uhuru - is on the ballot in 2022.

Furthermore, the propaganda spread in Mt Kenya that Raila “had bewitched” Uhuru, would not work, when Uhuru is on the ballot.

All leaders who are pro-BBI should support the amendment to allow a president have a maximum of 3 terms, to save Kenya.

2. In 2022, all corruption cartels, with their money and other resources, will be backing Ruto. Mombasa Port cartels, cartels in ministries…all will be supporting Ruto. LSK cartels, Judiciary cartels, anti-EACC cartels…all will be supporting Ruto.

“Civil Society” will be supporting Ruto.

Shadowy businessmen being hunted by KRA because they have been evading paying taxes for decades, will all be supporting Ruto.

Corrupt Church leaders will all be supporting Ruto.

And most importantly, The-Global-Powers-That-Be will be supporting Ruto.

3. Even if Ruto is barred from being a candidate on a technicality, his PROXY - the person who will stand in his place, and all his supporters will understand he is there representing Ruto - will still win 70%+ in Mt Kenya, and will win National Vote.

This is because Ruto represents a MOVEMENT - the Corruption Movement. And this movement is desperate to take power in 2022.

4. Approaching the elections, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsUp…Will be having more than 80% of posts being Pro-Ruto.

That is why it is only Uhuru who will defeat Ruto, and do so decisively - by denying him the much needed Mt Kenya vote.

Let us support BBI Constitution amendment allowing 3 terms for President, to save Kenya from collapsing.

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How BBI Can Save Kenya From Disaster

Post by tana » Sun Jul 05, 2020 11:37 am

A group of civil society institutions and activists have been holding discussions aimed at creating what they call a “coalition of the unlikely”, which has indicated it is open to working with Deputy President William Ruto.

The civil society groups have been operating under the auspices of the Open Governorship Partnership, a global initiative that former US President Barack Obama launched in 2011 at the United Nations headquarters to mobilise civil society to push for openness and accountability.

According to our sources, Dr Korir Sing’oei, the Head of Law and Policy at the Office of the Deputy President, has been tasked to whip various leading civil society groups to oppose President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga’s Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), with the final plan being joining forces to shoot it down if it gets to a referendum…

Members of the Open Government Partnership include prominent civil society groups…

Our enquiries indicated Open Government Partnership meets at the Office of the President, at various top hotels in Nairobi and two meetings have been held on Zoom this year following the coronavirus pandemic.” ... ct-1445128

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How BBI Can Save Kenya From Disaster

Post by tana » Fri Jul 10, 2020 6:47 am

Kenya is a young democracy. There are amendments that were made in 2010 constitution that were supposed to make the country more stable, but have not had that effect, and therefore need to be removed.

One of these amendments is the requirement that a presidential candidate must receive 50%+1 votes in order to be declared the winner. This amendment needs to be deleted in the BBI.

I hereby give my reasons why I believe the requirement that a presidential candidate must receive 50%+1 votes in order to be declared the winner, needs to be removed immediately.

The purpose of a constitution, is among other reasons, to make a country stable, and therefore enable the citizens to be successful and happy.

Therefore, a constitution should seek to guarantee political and social STABILITY.

SCENARIO 1: No presidential candidate garners 50% vote, under Current Constitution:

A run-off between top 2 candidates will be held within (90 days?).

Therefore, the top 2 presidential candidates (or political coalitions) will have no choice but to seek to form (even more) coalitions with the candidates/parties that didn’t come among the top 2 during the election.

Everything in Kenya would be at a standstill. Political temperatures will hit the roof. Tensions in the country would be palpable.

Very likely, hundreds of Kenyans would lose their lives before the run-off is held.

SCENARIO 2: No presidential candidate garners 50% vote, under Proposed BBI Constitution - The Winner, however, doesn’t have to score above 50%:

Even if top candidate scores just 40%, no run-off. That person becomes president.

No instability.

However, a president (or coalition) scoring 40% will also likely have less than 50% in Senate & Parliament, and will therefore need to form a post-election coalition in order to be able to govern.

The advantage of this situation is that, the President/DP, and possible PM/DPM, are already known. Partners joining the winning coalition already know they are negotiating for lesser positions like Senate/Parliament Speaker etc. (i.e. you don’t bring 10% to a coalition with 40% and expect to become PM/DPM, when there is another politician with 12% and is ready to negotiate for Senate/Parliament Speaker).

Therefore, a politician who knows he/she is unlikely to score more than 10% as a presidential candidate would prefer to negotiate for DP/PM/DPM BEFORE the elections.

The fact that the winner doesn’t need 50% of the vote does not mean that crafty politicians won’t seek to make PRE-ELECTION deals with more popular candidates, where they are guaranteed certain more prestigious political positions, than if they run, and made POST-ELECTION deals.

In my opinion, SCENARIO 2 is the best for Kenya. It will also result in a President being more likely to win by more 50%, even if it is NOT a requirement.

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